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Exhibitors at the Conference

Exhibitors at the Conference Isokinetic Medical Group would like to thank all Companies that have participated as Partners at the 2015 London Conference. Without their economic contribution would not have been possible to make an event of such importance. Companies which had an exhibit space during the Conference days, presented their products and services, placing them inside the specific topic of the Conference "Football Medicine Strategies for Player Care", thus giving the opportunity for participants to enrich more their knowledge. Other Companies have organised Workshops, or presented Free Communications, which completed the Scientific Programme of the event. The full list of Partners is still on the Conference website here and for anyone who is interested to have their contacts can ask information at

Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of Attendance If you attended the Conference Football Medicine Strategies for Player Care on the 11th-12th April 2015, you can ask for your certificate of attendance by email at specifying your Surname and Name.

Similarly you can also request the 3rd Science of Football Summit of Monday, April 13th certificate.

The Organising Secretariat will send them to you in pdf format as soon as possible.