Commercial Opportunities


Isokinetic Medical Group welcomes all Companies to participate as Commercial Partner. This is an ideal opportunity to receive a high visibility and at the same time, to make contact with an international audience who are always attracted by new technologies and updated techniques.

The Organising Secretariat is at your disposal to supply customised solutions amongst the many options and suggest what would work better for your own objectives.


Exhibit spaces will be located at CampNou, in specific areas where the flow of peoples enhanced by the presence of conference rooms and scientific programme and for coffee and lunch breaks.

The spaces will guarantee a high exposure to visitors and allow to speak and establish connections. 


A dedicated private room will be available to hold a private workshop: a mini-conference run and organised by yourself, with your own programme. You will have the chance to promote your products and technologies with a direct connection to the delegate that will participate.

With the help of the Scientific Direction, the details of your workshop will be added to the Final Scientific Programme and will be published in the Conference Abstract book.

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