Football Medicine Outocomes - ARE WE WINNING?

3.000 attendees from over 95 countries and more than 200 leading experts getting in the game to understand if the Football Medicine Community is really winning the battle with Football Injuries: ARE WE WINNING? This is the question indeed.

Below you can find the Scientific Programme of each day

  • SATURDAY 2nd JUNE - TRIBUNA - 9:15

    Winning outcomes for world class players

    Chairs: Della Villa S (ITA) - D'Hooghe M (BEL)
    09:15 Winning two consecutive Champions League titles after a serious quadriceps injury Olmo J (ESP)
    09:30 The two careers of a World Cup winner: before and after disc surgery Tencone F (ITA)
    09:45 Accelerated bone healing before the UEFA 2016 European Championships Houghton J (UK)
    10:00 Return to play eleven weeks after ACL surgery before the World Cup 2002 Zaffagnini S (ITA)
    10:15 Winning all football titles after non-operative treatment of a tendon avulsion Ueblacker P (GER)
    10:30 Discussion
    11:00 Coffee Break
  • SATURDAY 2nd JUNE - TRIBUNA - 11:30

    Injury Prevention: are we winning?

    Chairs: Bahr R (NOR) - Dvorak J (SUI)
    11:30 Introduction: Prevention - are we winning? Bahr R (NOR)
    11:35 Hamstring injuries - how can we win? Thorborg K (DEN)
    11:45 Groin injuries - how can we win? Harøy J (NOR)
    11:55 Knee injuries - how can we win? Walden M (SWE)
    12:05 Concussion - how can we win? Dvorak J (SUI)
    12:15 Real-world implementation - are we winning? O’Brien J (AUT)
    12:30 Real-world implementation - how can we win? Ekstrand J (SWE)
    12:45 Discussion
    13:00 Lunch Break
  • SATURDAY 2nd JUNE - TRIBUNA - 14.30

    Anterior Cruciate Ligament Frontier: State of the Art

    Chairs: Gillogly S (QAT) - Zorzi C (ITA)
    14:30 ACLR Outcomes - Where the bar needs to be set in 2018 Sonnery-Cottet B (FRA)
    14:45 Bone Patella Tendon: the work horse Williams A (UK)
    15:00 The Quadriceps Tendon. The new player why? Pombo M (USA)
    15:15 Hamstring plus lateral tenodesis: 20 year follow up Marcacci M (ITA)
    15:30 What do we do now and the future for orthobiologics? Mandelbaum B (USA)
    15:45 Discussion
    16:00 Break

    Short, medium and long-term outcomes for knees

    Chairs: Karlsson J (SWE) - Sweetnam D (UK)
    16:30 Does no difference really means no difference ? Fu F (USA)
    16:45 How to minimize risk and potentiate the result in ACL Espregueira-Mendes J (POR)
    17:00 We are not winning if we accept close enough Knowles B (USA)
    17:15 MCL: conservative and surgical outcomes Haddad F (UK)
    17:30 Long term winning: prevention of osteoarthritis Neyret P (FRA)
    17:45 Discussion
    18:00 End of the day

    Lateral ankle instability leads to less goals scored in the season

    Chairs: Huylebroek J (BEL) - Nikolaou P (GRE)
    11:30 Anatomy of the lateral ankle ligaments Dalmau M (ESP)
    11:45 Giving way in a stable ankle... how to treat? de Leeuw P (NED)
    12:00 Is arthroscopic treatment the best to treat lateral ligament instability? D'Hooghe P (QAT)
    12:15 Open surgery for lateral ankle instability still the gold standard in football Calder J (UK)
    12:30 Lateral ankle instability in NYC: this is how we do it! Kennedy J (USA)
    12:45 Discussion
    13:00 Lunch Break

    Treatment and tendinopathy: the game is still open

    Chairs: Jones H (POR) - Schneider C (GER)
    14:30 The field – Understanding tendinopathies: etiopathology and treatment rationale Cook J (AUS)
    14:45 Game 1 – Traditional treatment vs biologics for plantar fasciitis Maffulli N (ITA)
    15:00 Game 2 – Traditional treatment vs biologics for Achilles tendinopathy Alfredson H (SWE)
    15:15 Game 3 – Traditional treatment vs biologics for patellar tendinopathy Filardo G (ITA)
    15:30 Exercise: your reliable teammate for any treatment Whiteley R (QAT)
    15:45 Discussion
    16:00 Break

    On and off field management of Concussion

    Chairs: Edwards T (NZL) - Pedrinelli A (BRA)
    16:30 Introduction to the topic Dvorak J (SUI)
    16:45 Concussion recognition tool, SCAT5 Putukian M (USA)
    17:00 Neurological and neuro-otological exam Feddermann N (SUI)
    17:15 Rehabilitation and treatment strategies Bizzini M (SUI)
    17:30 What we need from the officials? Are we winning? Dvorak J (SUI)
    17:45 Discussion
    18:00 End of the day
  • SUNDAY 3rd JUNE - TRIBUNA - 8:30

    Findings from UEFA Champions League studies

    Chairs: Cohen M (BRA) - Serratosa L (ESP)
    08:30 Injury prevention in elite football - are we winning? Injury burden as an outcome measure Ekstrand J (SWE)
    08:45 Understanding the basis of success: which injury variables correlate to performance? Hagglund M (SWE)
    09:00 Which outcome measures are the most important for safe RTP after ACLR? Surgeon? Graft? Rehab? Player mentality? Walden M (SWE)
    09:15 How can we help coaches reduce the risk of muscle injuries? Bengtsson H (SWE)
    09:30 Winning trophies is the ultimate goal at elite level. Key factors to achieve Davison M (UK)
    09:45 Discussion
    10:00 End of the Session

    Hip outcomes: are we intervening too much?

    Chairs: Batty P (UK) - Beasley I (UK)
    10:00 Hip experience from UEFA Champions League Clubs Puga N (POR)
    10:15 Choosing the right patient and working as a team Griffin D (UK)
    10:30 The role of imaging in the management process Healy J (UK)
    10:45 Practical tips to improve outcomes through conservative management Holmich P (DEN)
    11:00 The football hip: rehabilitation strategies Fevre D (UK)
    11:15 Discussion
    11:30 Coffee Break

    A new horizon for groin pain management

    Chairs: Danelon F (ITA) - Schilders E (UK)
    12:00 Differential diagnosis and pathways for enhanced outcomes of groin pathologies Weir A (NED)
    12:15 Navigating the groin triangle through movement analysis Franklyn-Miller A (IRL)
    12:30 How to maximise outcomes when pursuing the surgical route Muschaweck U (GER)
    12:45 Groin pain: the Chelsea Football Club experience Fearn J (UK)
    13:00 Hip and groin exercises Marconato A (UK)
    13:15 Discussion
    13:30 Lunch Break

    Is it possible to improve hamstring injuries outcomes?

    Chairs: Khan K (CAN) - Malliaropoulos N (GRE)
    15:00 Making sense of the prevention debate. What should clinicians do? Pizzari T (AUS)
    15:15 Drilling down on ‘strength’ in prevention. Key? Fixable? Opar D (AUS)
    15:30 How do the world’s best physios win the treatment contest? Heiderscheit B (USA)
    15:45 A big torn hamstring. Is it intramuscular? Rehab or surgery? Brukner P (AUS)
    16:00 When not to operate, when to operate & what are the outcomes? Lempainen L (FIN)
    16:15 Discussion
    16:30 Break

    Best Case Report Award - Ceremony

    Chairs: Brukner P (AUS) - Delcogliano A (ITA) - Konin J (USA) - Olmo J (ESP)
    16:30 2017 Winning Best Case Report Award Grabowsky R (POL)

    Improve outcomes in muscle injuries with exercise and on field rehab

    Chairs: Pruna R (ESP) - Theos C (GRE)
    17:00 Classification of muscle injuries to guide management Pollock N (UK)
    17:15 What can the MRI tell us about muscle injuries? Connell D (AUS)
    17:30 Clinical assessment of muscle injuries Van Dyk N (QAT)
    17:45 Using exercise in muscle treatments Askling C (SWE)
    18:00 On field rehabilitation and return to performance after muscle injuries Glasgow P (IRL)
    18:15 Discussion
    18:30 End of the day

    Can we win? Perspectives of the leaders of the future

    Chairs: Salzmann G (SUI) - Sas K (BEL)
    08:30 Mental aspect: from the perspective of the player's union Gouttebarge V (NED)
    08:45 The patello femoral cartilage: from the perspective of the upcoming orthopaedic surgeon Panics G (HUN)
    09:00 The groin: from the perspective of the clinical researcher Serner A (QAT)
    09:15 Are we winning? Are we evolving? The perspective of a football doctor about muscle injuries Varandas F (POR)
    09:30 The load monitoring: from the perspective of a coach Requena B (ESP)
    09:45 Discussion
    10:00 End of the Session

    Less surgery and more rehab in Sports Medicine?

    Chairs: Ardern C (SWE) - Pigozzi F (ITA)
    10:00 Is non-surgical ACL treatment a reasonable option for active, young people? Roos E (DEN)
    10:15 Do we have enough evidence to abandon partial meniscectomy? Jarvinen T (FIN)
    10:30 Cam surgery myths: why straight to surgery should be a straight red card Agricola R (NED)
    10:45 Treating the football player with femoroacetabular impingement: eat, sleep, optimal load, repeat Kemp J (AUS)
    11:00 Is non-surgical treatment the best option for spondylolysis? Fahy D (UK)
    11:15 Discussion

    Managing meniscal injuries for improved outcomes

    Chairs: Angele P (GER) - Benazzo F (ITA)
    12:00 Return to play after medial and lateral meniscus injuries Ball S (UK)
    12:15 Why repair - decision making in the sportsman? Von Bormann R (RSA)
    12:30 Meniscus repair techniques Erggelet C (SUI)
    12:45 What to do when the meniscus is lost Spalding T (UK)
    13:00 What exercises do what to the knee Zanobbi M (UK)
    13:15 Discussion
    13:30 Lunch Break

    How to improve outcomes of cartilage lesions and early OA

    Chairs: Guillen P (ESP) - Rosa D (ITA)
    15:00 Conservative or surgical solution for cartilage lesions in athletes Zaslav K (USA)
    15:15 Use of BMAC combined with hyaluronan based scaffold for early OA in athletes Gobbi A (ITA)
    15:30 Bone marrow edema treatment Kon E (ITA)
    15:45 Cartilage repair surgery outcomes in high demand athletes: what is the evidence? Williams R (USA)
    16:00 Early osteoarthritis in end-career athletes Papalia R (ITA)
    16:15 Discussion
    16:30 Break
  • SUNDAY 3RD JUNE 2018 - AUDITORI - 17:00

    Regenerative Medicine outcomes: are we winning?

    Chairs: De Girolamo L (ITA) - Peretti G (ITA)
    17:00 Regenerative medicine in musculoskeletal system: from chaos to an absolute order Correa D (USA)
    17:15 PRP-based regenerative outcomes Cugat R (ESP)
    17:30 Expanded BMSC in early OA Peirau X (ESP)
    17:45 Treatment of refractory Patellar Tendinopathy with MSC. A comparative study with PRP Rodas G (ESP)
    18:00 Imaging based measures for reliable evaluation of clinical outcomes: a focus on the musculoskeletal system Turmezei T (UK)
    18:15 Discussion
    18:30 End of the day
  • MONDAY 4th JUNE - TRIBUNA - 8:30 ACL rehabilitation and reconditioning Symposium

    From the football pitch and back again

    Chairs: Nathwani D (UK) - Seil R (LUX)
    08:30 The most common playing situations leading to ACL injury in male professional football Andersen TE (NOR)
    08:45 The evolution of ACL injury management over the last decades Reider B (USA)
    09:00 ACL injury management in adolescent footballers Engebretsen L (NOR)
    09:15 Biological considerations after ACL reconstruction: the ligamentisation process Claes S (BEL)
    09:30 Functional aspects: progressively adding the optimal stimuli to improve outcomes Knowles B (USA)
    09:45 Discussion
    10:00 End of the Session
  • MONDAY 4th JUNE - TRIBUNA - 10:00 ACL rehabilitation and reconditioning Symposium

    Rehabilitation, reconditioning, return to play

    Chairs: Krutsch W (GER) - Melegati G (ITA)
    10:00 Criterion based rehabilitation guidelines after ACL reconstruction Snyder-Mackler L (USA)
    10:15 Combining hydrotherapy and gym exercises during the rehabilitation phases Clancy D (UK)
    10:30 Progressive loading and management during the on-field reconditioning Buckthorpe M (UK)
    10:45 Body and mind in balance: helping players achieve readiness for Return to Play Ardern C (SWE)
    11:00 Return to play: are we really achieving good results and focusing on the correct variables? Witvrouw E (BEL)
    11:15 Discussion
    11:30 Coffee Break
  • MONDAY 4th JUNE - TRIBUNA - 12:00 ACL rehabilitation and reconditioning Symposium

    Fighting the high risk of second ACL injury in young athletes

    Chairs: Berruto M (ITA) - Forssblad M (SWE)
    12:00 The re-injury risk in adult and young populations Webster K (AUS)
    12:15 Understanding the biomechanics of ACL injuries Hewett T (USA)
    12:30 Qualitative movement analysis testing and targeted neuromuscular training Della Villa F (ITA)
    12:45 Key components of ACL rehab to prevent re-injuries Arundale A (SWE)
    13:00 Preventing and managing secondary injuries in the young: the orthopaedic perspective Saris D (USA)
    13:15 Discussion
    13:30 Lunch Break
  • MONDAY 4th JUNE - TRIBUNA - 14:30 ACL rehabilitation and reconditioning Symposium

    ACL injuries outcomes in women's football

    Chairs: Millson H (RSA) - Servien E (FRA)
    14:30 What are the differences between men's and women's football? Geertsema C (QAT)
    14:45 Conservative and surgical management of ACL deficient knees in women's football Grindem H (NOR)
    15:00 Primary and secondary prevention in female footballers Silvers H (USA)
    15:15 Managing patello femoral pain in female athletes Culvenor A (AUS)
    15:30 ACL rehabilitation and return to sport in women's football Hambly K (UK)
    15:45 Discussion
    16:00 End of the day
  • MONDAY 4th JUNE - AUDITORI - 8:30 Summit: Football Performance Innovation: Are we winning?

    Player Monitoring

    Chairs: Eirale C (QAT) - Roberts C (UK)
    08:30 Where is the impact in player monitoring? Green M (UK)
    08:45 Understanding player loading in a club environment Burgess D (AUS)
    09:00 Player load. Are we measuring what we think are measuring? Vanrenterghem J (BEL)
    09:15 How well are we monitoring player wellness? Gregson W (QAT)
    09:30 Monitoring the injured player Bowen L (UK)
    09:45 Discussion
    10:00 End of the Session
  • MONDAY 4th JUNE - AUDITORI - 10:00 Summit: Football Performance Innovation: Are we winning?

    Impacting Practice through Data Science

    Chairs: Bangsbo J (DEN) - Rodas G (ESP)
    10:00 Tactics for football data analysis: Complex “build up” plays with big data or “route one” statistics? Atkinson G (UK)
    10:15 Big Data, Hype or Reality Lisboa P (UK)
    10:30 Application of Big Data Techniques - Example 1 (Performance Analysis) Ruiz H (ESP)
    10:45 Application of Big Data Techniques - Example 2 (Injury Prediction) Newell J (IRL)
    11:00 Player tracking methods in FC Barcelona Reche X (ESP)
    11:15 Discussion
    11:30 Coffee Break
  • MONDAY 4th JUNE - AUDITORI - 12:00 Summit: Football Performance Innovation: Are we winning?

    Nutrition & Injury

    Chairs: McCall A (UK) - Medina D (USA)
    12:00 The UEFA Nutrition Consensus Collins J (UK)
    12:15 Nutrition and Injury - is collagen the answer? Baar K (USA)
    12:30 Whats all the fuss about Vitamin D? Close G (UK)
    12:45 Nutrition for the injured athlete - what can we learn from case studies? Morton J (UK)
    13:00 Practical considerations on nutrition inside a club environment Jeukendrup A (NED)
    13:15 Discussion
    13:30 Lunch Break
  • MONDAY 4th JUNE - AUDITORI - 14:30 Summit: Football Performance Innovation: Are we winning?

    Youth to Senior: Performance & Wellbeing

    Chairs: Cowie C (UK) - Terrados N (ESP)
    14:30 The landscape of mental wellbeing in footballers Littlewood M (UK)
    14:45 Adopting a new model of mental stress management in transition to first team football Luthardt C (GER)
    15:00 Practical sports psychology toolkits to support performance outcomes Ransom D (UK)
    15:15 Talent development and mindset Langagergaard M (DEN)
    15:30 Discussion
    16:00 End of the day


    Chairs: Nanni G (ITA) - Tsouroudis N (GRE)
    11:30 Injuries in football players during Brazilian Championship of Serie A Netto DC (BRA)
    11:38 Epidemiology of injuries in a Professional Soccer team, AFA Prospective study for 12 years Lacki J (ARG)
    11:46 Injuries negatively impact player progression in a top-class football academy Larruskain J (ESP)
    11:54 Calf strain injuries in elite Australian football players: a descriptive epidemiological evaluation Green B (AUS)
    12:02 Is there a specific distribution of thigh muscle injuries in youth football? Diniz P (POR)
    12:10 Adductors muscle injuries during a professional football season Rodia F (ITA)
    12:18 Hamstring muscles volume of elite football athletes assessed using magnetic resonance imaging Firmino T (POR)
    12:26 Cam morphology in young male soccer players only develops before proximal femoral growth plate closure van Klij P (NED)
    12:34 A 15-year survey of hip and groin injuries in the UEFA elite Club injury study Werner J (SWE)
    12:42 Prevalence, time-loss and severity of groin injuries: a full-season study in football Esteve E (ESP)
    12:50 Video analysis of 53 moderate and severe thigh muscle injuries in German male professional football Klein C (GER)
    12:58 Discussion
    13:15 End of the Session

    Return to Sport

    Chairs: Serratosa L (ESP) - Zunarelli PP (ITA)
    13:30 High speed running a return to play strategy in elite level soccer Luison M (ITA)
    13:38 Return to play and long-term activity level maintenance following meniscal repair Totlis T (GRE)
    13:46 Returning to sport in professional soccer league after ACL reconstruction Del Duca A (ITA)
    13:54 Related factors to return to play soccer after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Sala-Barat (ESP)
    14:02 Return to sport after ACL reconstruction: muscle activation deficits a continued concern Smeets A (BEL)
    14:10 Motor learning in the Osgood-Schlatter desease: a strategy to prevent overload injuries De Sario G (ITA)
    14:18 Discussion
    14:30 End of the Session

    Female players

    Chairs: Herrero H (ESP)- Vannini F (ITA)
    14:38 Serum testosterone level in elite female soccer players Hassanmirzaei B (IRN)
    14:46 Do I stay or do I go? Psychosocial factors influencing return to football decisions of talented and elite English female football players Gledhill A (UK)
    14:54 Neck/back pain and lifestyle in female adolescent football players Skillgate E (SWE)
    15:02 Similar results in tuck jump and drop jump performance based on duration of rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction Arundale A (SWE)
    15:10 Extra-articular tenodesis combined with an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in acute anterior cruciate ligament tear in elite female football players Guzzini M (ITA)
    15:18 Osteoarthritis of the knee – a massive concern in former elite female football players Tscholl P (SUI)
    15:26 Effect of a 2-week joint mobilisation on range of motion in those with chronic ankle instability Holland C (UK)
    15:34 Discussion
    16:00 End of the Session

    Medical Issues

    Chairs: Balius R (ESP) -Terrados N (ESP)
    16:30 Low back pain in adolescent top level athletes: impact of psychological factors Minnella S (ITA)
    16:38 Team dentist position and role in the sports medicine field. The Atromitos FC case Stamos A (FRA)
    16:46 Investigating the ventricular function during exercise using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging Uckan A (UK)
    16:54 The association of visual examination results and sport injuries among soccer players Fahimipour F (IRN)
    17:02 Energy drink affects blood flow in healthy adults; need for further studies in footballers Liras IN (USA)
    17:10 The effect of beetroot supplementation on oxidative stress markers after aerobic exercise Inanlou M (IRN)
    17:18 Discussion
    17:45 End of the Session


    Chairs: Freschi M (ITA) - Pereira H (POR)
    08:30 Quantification of injury risk from training data in professional football: a 3 year study Barnes C (UK)
    08:38 The role of the performance team in successful FIFA World Cup tournaments u20 & u17 in 2017 Alty J (UK)
    08:46 Machine Learning approach to injury prediction Rossi A (ITA)
    08:54 Low load exercise with blood flow restriction decreases anterior knee pain more than exercise alone Korakakis V (QAT)
    09:02 Predisposing factors for injury: a study on South African elite male youth football players Bester M (RSA)
    09:10 Muscle flexibility and prevalence of Osgood-Schlatter disease in adolescent soccer players Kobayakawa A (JAP)
    09:18 Heading biomechanics in men’s and women’s football (soccer) confirmed by video analyses Riegler K (USA)
    09:26 Corrective exercise based on functional tests can reduce rate of injury in youth football Theodorou E (CYP)
    09:34 Novel classification of pubic plate injury in soccer players to predict treatment outcome Hopp S (GER)
    09:42 11+ injury prevention program at the olympic and paralympic centers of the federal district (Brazil) Oliveira M (BRA)
    09:50 Discussion
    10:00 End of the Session

    Prevention 2

    Chairs: Canata G (ITA)- Tsapralis K (ITA)
    10:00 Correlation of lower extremity injuries and foot type in football player Safar-Cherati A (IRN)
    10:08 Postural Control as Predictor of Lower Extremity Injuries in Male Youth Soccer Players Kolodziej M (GER)
    10:16 Do isometric and isokinetic strength predict lower extremity injuries in professional soccer players Namazi P (IRN)
    10:24 In-season hamstring strength testing: potential for secondary injury prevention? Wollin M (AUS)
    10:32 Effects of fatigue induced by submaximal isometric contraction on hamstring muscle stiffness. Mendes B (POR)
    10:40 Pre-season muscle strength ratios as a predictor of hamstrings injury in elite Gaelic Football players Newell M (IRL)
    10:48 The immediate effect of instrument-assisted lumbar spinal manipulation on objective outcomes of hamstring injury prevention in asymptomatic subjects Kakavas G (GRE)
    10:56 Hamstring injuries and pelvic ring: can function predict injury? Cusi M (AUS)
    11:04 Groin pain in footballers: is the groin the real culprit? Van der Wall (AUS)
    11:12 Groin injury risk is associated with previous injury and adduction strength but not bony hip morphology Mosler A (QAT)
    11:20 Discussion
    11:30 End of the Session

    News in Football Orthopaedic Surgery

    Chairs: Ardevol Cuesta J (ESP) - Axe M (USA)
    12:00 Recurrent anterior shoulder instability in amateur athletes: comparison between open capsulorraphy and Latarjet procedure Proietti L (ITA)
    12:08 Open capsulorraphy and conjoined tendon transposition for recurrent anterior shoulder dislocation: first two years clinical and functional follow-up Vadalà A (ITA)
    12:16 Arthroscopic technique for treatment of knee pain caused by mobile anterior horn variation of the medial meniscus Vassilev I (BUL)
    12:24 Clinical outcomes of reconstruction for acute avulsions of pyramidalis-anterior pubic ligament-adductor longus complex (PLAC) in football players Dimitrakopoulou A (UK)
    12:32 Arthroscopic all-inside ligament repair for treatment of ankle instability: short term results Guelfi M (ITA)
    12:40 Ultrasound-guided suture of Achilles at football players; early economic rehabilitation Menendez Solana G (ESP)
    12:48 Anatomical alteration of anterio talofibular ligament in chronic ankle instability Kim JS (KOR)
    12:56 Endocopic management of posterior ankle impegement in football player. A case report Mirouse G (FRA)
    13:04 Fast early recovery and return to play after laparoscopic mesh repair in soccer players with groin pain Pokorny H (AUT)
    13:12 Dry Needling of the pectineus muscle for therapy of groin pain in professional soccer players Schreiber H (GER)
    13:20 Cartilage regeneration using a novel growth factors-based clot for full-thickness defects in soccer players Cugat R (ESP)
    13:28 The charactaristic of anterior horn tear of lateral meniscuc in soccer players. MRI study Takahashi T (JAP)
    13:36 Discussion
    14:00 End of the Session

    Anterior Cruciate Ligament

    Chairs: Madonna V (ITA) - Puigdellivol J (ESP)
    15:00 Return to sport after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction trans-tibial versus antero-medial technique Tucciarone A (ITA)
    15:08 Return to play following ACL reconstruction in soccer players Papacostas E (GRE)
    15:16 Hamstring volumetric pattern of an elite football athlete before sustaining an anterior cruciate ligament injury: a case report Freitas S (POR)
    15:24 Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in amateur footballers older than 50 years: a comparison with a younger age group De Carli (ITA)
    15:32 Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: transtibial hamstring vs anatomical patellar technique Huurman S (NED)
    15:40 Is posterior tibial slope a significant risk factor for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction failure Gaj E (ITA)
    15:48 Reduced revision rate in ACL reconstruction with Antwerp Monoloop lateral extra-articular tenodesis: a retrospective study on 785 patients with a 2-7 year follow-up Lagae KC (BEL)
    15:56 Shortening of the semitendinosus muscle after harvesting for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Lauridsen HB (DEN)
    16:04 Patella harvest donor site healing after autologous bone transplantation in bone-tendon-bone anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in football players Tzoanos G (GRE)
    16:12 Discussion
    16:30 End of the Session


    Chairs: Ayala Meijas J (ESP) - Papacostas E (GRE)
    16:45 Self talk and balance performance in meniscectomised football players Beneka A (GRE)
    16:53 Does basic psychological need satisfaction and need thwarting predict rehabilitation adherence? Johnson U (SWE)
    17:01 Isokinetic assessment of knee muscle imbalances after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Kellis E (GRE)
    17:09 A 32 to 37 year follow-up of football and non-football related anterior cruciate ligament injury Filbay S (UK)
    17:17 Eccentric hamstring strength is influenced by age and duration of previous injury in football players Vicens-Bordas J (ESP)
    17:25 Progressive strength training results in less deficits during rehabilitation after an ACL reconstruction Welling W (NED)
    17:33 Retention of a new motor pattern after ACL reconstruction In a young football player Masi F (ITA)
    17:41 Aerobic fitness in professional football players after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Marques de Almeida A (BRA)
    17:49 Persistent deficits 9 months after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in German football Bloch H (GER)
    17:57 On-field analysis of plantar loading after 5th metatarsal stress fracture in elite male football Thomson A (QAT)
    18:05 Sprint performance in football players with a prior hamstring injury: a cross-sectional study Ishoi L (DEN)
    18:13 Successful treatment of recurrent hamstring inuries with treatment of underlying sij problem Saunders J (AUS)
    18:21 Multiple lower extremity injuries in football a physical therapy outcome through proper core evaluation and treatment Stergiou M (GRE)
    18:29 Discussion
    18:30 End of the Session
  • MONDAY 4th JUNE - ROMA ROOM - 8:30

    Training Load1

    Chairs: Drobnic F (ESP) - Susta D (IRL)
    08:30 The effect of simulated soccer match play on hip strength Forsdyke D (UK)
    08:38 Reliability and validity of a wearable gps sensor for determining workload and distance covered during football Dinglasan K (USA)
    08:46 Training load monitoring strategy an elite youth soccer approach Gualtieri A (ITA)
    08:54 Distance and speed measured by two different devices in elite football referees Casajus JA (ESP)
    09:02 Quality of automatic Markerless Motion Capture to make screenings independent from rater experience Henrichs A (GER)
    09:10 New approaches in training monitoring: from the laboratory to the field Ferreira D (POR)
    09:18 Limited accuracy of the SAFT90 to adequately replicate soccer-specific match demands Salter J (UK)
    09:26 Sequential kinetics and temporal linkage of the hip, knee and ankle during running Orendurff M (USA)
    09:34 Discussion
    10:00 End of the Session
  • MONDAY 4th JUNE - ROMA ROOM - 10:00

    Training Load2

    Chairs: Drobnic F (ESP) - Susta D (IRL)
    10:00 Relationship between external and internal loads of football referees in official matches Matute-Llorente A (ESP)
    10:08 Ankle joint range of motion effect on vertical jump performance of professional soccer players Stefas E (GRE)
    10:16 Deep Oscillation Improves Recovery after Fatiguing Soccer Training von Stengel S (GER)
    10:24 Changes in body composition in elite soccer players in response to pre-season training Mc Ewan (UK)
    10:32 Variation on internal training load microcycles during a preseason in elite greek soccer players Kalapotharakos V (GRE)
    10:40 Mechanical load monitoring: can accelerometers really estimate whole-body stresses? Verheul J (UK)
    10:48 Acute effects of two different trainings on balance and performance in youth footballers Emirzeoğlu M (TUR)
    10:56 Reduced physiological adaptations in regularly-benched professional football players Ziogas G (GRE)
    11:04 Discussion
    11:30 End of the Session
  • MONDAY 4th JUNE - ROMA ROOM - 12:00

    Case reports

    Chairs: Smith G (UK) - Valle X (ESP)
    12:00 Can multiple concussions end the career of a collegiate female footballer early Liras GN (USA)
    12:08 Management of the retinal break treatment in a coach who is former goalkeeper Koyluoglu N (TUR)
    12:16 Pediatric cerebral palsy and selective dorsal rhizotomy: fulfilling football potential McCool L (USA)
    12:24 Return to perform - 100 meters in 9.96 seconds: is it possible? Picchetti F (UK)
    12:32 Rhabdomyolysis after High Intensity Resistance Training: A case report Eroglu A (TUR)
    12:40 Spontaneous Acute Medial Plantar Fascia Rupture: A Case Report Sari A (TUR)
    12:48 The case of simultaneous tear tendions of the hamstrings at the doctor of the soccer team Pavlov V (RUS)
    12:56 Arthroscopy, biological therapy of cellular regeneration in arthrosis of knee Antezana Arzabe AD (BOL)
    13:04 Can Isokinetic Testing find structural Damage? Sassman R (AUT)
    13:12 Discussion
    13:30 End of the Session


    Chairs: Boldrini L (ITA) - Tamisari A (ITA)
    13:30 Relationship between mechanical stress and injury around the hip joint due to kicking action in Football (PA1) Murakami K (JAP)
    13:30 Inter-rater reliability of the isokinetic medical group movement analysis test in 20 young healthy football players (PA2) Provenzale C (ITA)
    13:30 Exploratory electromyographic assessment of neuromuscular hamstring function after injury (PA3) Lake M (UK)
    13:30 Specific isoinertial activities to rehabilitate footballers’ hamstring injuries (PA4) Zuppardo S (ITA)
    13:30 Achilles tendon loading during stepping forward with and without preceding step back (PA5) Yaguchi H (JAP)
    13:30 Neuromuscular capacity of female football players with and without a history of injuries (PA6) Toscanelli A (SUI)
    13:30 Functional assessment of neuromuscular control deficit in the femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (PA7) Berthet M (FRA)
    13:30 Effects of a neuromuscular program in young females soccer players (PA8) Isla E (ESP)
    13:30 Methodology of activation of peroneus longus to increase the resistance of the medial column of the foot in women’s soccer (PA9) Lluch Fruns J (ESP)

    Case Reports 1

    Chairs: Brotto E (ITA) - Stride M (UK)
    13:30 The case of a small intestinal injury during a soccer game (PB1) Kinoshita D (JAP)
    13:30 Endocopic management of lumbar disc herniation in football player (PB2) Tremlet J (FRA)
    13:30 Neuromuscular control and rehabilitation approach of the foot and ankle recovering from acute injury or trauma (PB3) Stergiou E (GRE)
    13:30 Muscular gap of 2,5cm of the biceps femoris healed after multiple PRP local injections in a young male football player. An impressive case report (PB4) Papadopoulis G (GRE)
    13:30 Malleolar fracture in an elite female soccer player and its risk factors (PB5) Maleklou F (IRN)
    13:30 Effectiveness of extracorporeal shock wave therapy in calcific Achilles tendonopathy: a case report (PB6) Genovese V (ITA)
    13:30 Imagery as a technique to improving self-efficacy. A case report in ACL rehabilitation (PB7) Castenetto M (ITA)

    Case Reports 2

    Chairs: d'Orsi G (ITA) - Praticò S (ITA)
    13:30 Achilles tendon rupture in professional football players: a report of two cases (PC1) Kamatsuki Y (JAP)
    13:30 Fast recovery and return to play after achilles tendon acute rupture surgical treatment. Therapy with Human Tecar and our complete rehabilitation program (PC2) López Capapé D (ESP)
    13:30 Predictors of 2nd anterior cruciate ligament injury (PC3) Aconstantinesei Murè M (ITA)
    13:30 Bilateral stress fracture of the medial malleolus – a case report of the professional soccer player (PC4) Miyazawa S (JAP)
    13:30 Proximal tibiofibular synostosis in a professional football player (PC5) Momose T (JAP)
    13:30 Should rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction: focus on both knees (PC6) Rigel D (ITA)
    13:30 Return to sport after knee ACL reconstruction in young soccer player (PC7) Sacchi A (ITA)
    13:30 A novel approach to proximal hamstring avulsion rehabilitation in an elite soccer player after surgical reattachment.(PC8) Mason RA (USA)

    Functional Assessment

    Chairs: Galilea P (ESP) - Roi GS (ITA)
    13:30 Correlation between altitude and possibility to become champion in Copa Libertadores of America (PE1) Alanis A (MEX)
    13:30 Hydration status in university-level football players (PE2) Menon G (UK)
    13:30 Hematological indices of ghana university sports association football competition players (PE3) Osei F (GHA)
    13:30 Medical assessment in female football players: qualitative study (PE4) Muhimpundu C (BUR)
    13:30 Dermatoglyphic characterization of soccer players (PE6) Jesus AJ (BRA)
    13:30 Knee isokinetic force index unilateral and bilateral in professional soccer players (PE7) Velazquez JE (MEX)
    13:30 Hop and y balance test inter-limb symmetry in healthy male college students (PE5) Koumantakis G (GRE)
    13:30 The mandibular stretching and the consumption reflection of the oxygen in subjects subject to high-intensity workout (PE8) D'Angelo M (ITA)

    Joint Injuries

    Chairs: Quaglia F (ITA) - Respizzi S (ITA)
    13:30 Combined treatment for injuries of the medial colateral ligament using platelet rich plasma and high intensity laser (PG1) Filipov N (BUL)
    13:30 Laser Needling in female players patellofemoral pain syndrome (PG2) Conforti M (ITA)
    13:30 Isokinetic rehabilitation of meniscal tears (PG3) Sanjuan O (FRA)
    13:30 Isokinetic characteristics of the knee during fatigue after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (PG4) Kouvelioti V (GRE)
    13:30 Classical receive operating characteristics analysis vs. interval approach to knee injury risk determination (PG5) Grygorowicz M (POL)
    13:30 Is RFD associated with kinesiophobia and knee functionality tests after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? A cohort study (PG6) Speranza E (ITA)
    13:30 Primary ACL reconstruction graftlink all-inside in football players 4 years experience (PG7) Bochev B (BUL)
    13:30 Arthroscopic repair with synthetic polyester graft neoligamentstm (PG8) Luna Pizarro D (MEX)
    13:30 Return to sport after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with 4-strand hamstring tendon autograft (PG9) Silbert H (FRA)
    13:30 Revision anatomical reconstruction of lateral ankle ligaments using allograft tendon for athletes with failed Brostrom proceudre (PG10) Song HH (KOR)


    Chairs: Frizziero A (ITA) - Til Perez L (POR)
    13:30 Incidence of ankle sprain among professional soccer club members over the last 10 years (PH1) Onuma Y (JAP)
    13:30 Tibial fatigue fractures in professional football players (PH2) Fukui T (JAP)
    13:30 Prevalence of the femoroacetabular impingement in professional soccer players (PH3) Dorileo CG (BRA)
    13:30 Epidemiologic analysis of 13698 ankle injuries in soccer at Mutualidad Catalana de Futbolistas (PH4) Cusco X (ESP)
    13:30 Epidemiologic analysis of 22217 knee injuries in soccer at Mutualidad Catalana de Futbolistas (PH5) Alvarez-Diaz P (ESP)
    13:30 Season distribution of 7555 anterior cruciate ligament injuries in soccer at Mutualidad Catalana de Futbolistas (PH6) Alentorn-Geli E (ESP)
    13:30 Association between injury incidence and cast size on Brazilian soccer championship – serie a (PH7) Pereira JL (BRA)
    13:30 Surgical treatment of groin pain in the institute of orthopaedics of the university of São Paulo from 2002 to 2016 (PH8) Pedrinelli A (BRA)
    13:30 Magnetic resonance dynamic muscoloskeletal imaging and dynamic ultrasound imaging in footballers (PH9) Olimpi D (ITA)


    Chairs: Machì M (ITA) - Jones C (UK)
    13:30 Valuation of post concussion syndrome disorders in proffesional soccer players (PL1) Syrmos N (GRE)
    13:30 Psychosocial factors influencing the phases of return to sport post-injury (PL2) Butterworth K (UK)
    13:30 Social support perceived by a rehabilitation staff towards injured soccer players (PL3) Vitali F (ITA)
    13:30 On the use of scales for monitoring soccer player’s recovery (PL4) Duca M (ITA)
    13:30 Recovery evaluation of brazilian soccer players a protocol suggestion (PL5) Lopes MP (BRA)
    13:30 Reference data of on field functional assessments for soccer players (PL6) Ruspantini A (ITA)
    13:30 Defining thresholds for patient-reported outcomes for anterior cruciate ligament injured subjects (PL7) Huang H (JAP)
    13:30 Outcomes and return to play after surgical treatment of posterior impingement syndrome in football players (PL8) Barastegui D (ESP)
    13:30 Instrumental fibrolysis improves vertical jump strength in amateur footballers. A pilot study (PL9) Aiguadé R (ESP)


    Chairs: Tomaello L (ITA) - Turmo A (ESP)
    13:30 ECG assessment in athletes by doctor or computer: who is false? (PM1) Vanova N (SK)
    13:30 Injury and wellness screening in male premier league football: an exploratory study (PM2) Ahmed OH (UK)
    13:30 Intrinsic risk factors for ankle sprains in Japanese collegiate football players (PM3) Oda K (JAP)
    13:30 The effect of fifa 11+ in the physical fitness in chilean amateur basquetball and soccer players (PM4) Carrasco-Ramirez J (CHI)
    13:30 Relationship between injury risk factors and performance in youth sports team athletes (PM5) Fort Van-Meerhaeghe A (ESP)
    13:30 Lower physical fitness is associated with injuries in elite futsal players, A prospective study (PM6) Azimi M (IRN)
    13:30 Predictors of second anterior cruciate ligament injury after reconstruction surgery in football (PM7) Agostinis F (ITA)
    13:30 Why abrupt horizontal decelerations should be included in the knee injury prevention assessment? (PM8) Joao F (POR)
    13:30 Could l-bia differentiate myotendinous junction injury from myofascial injury? (PM9) Nescolarde L (ESP)
    13:30 Tsunami of positive doping tests in iranian football players with methylhexanamine (PM10) Zebardast J (IRN)
    13:30 Positive test of footsal player with cannabis after using of hookah (hubble-bubble) (PM11) Seif Barghi T (ISR)