Industry Sponsored Symposia

Below you can find the detailed programmes of the Workshops that will be held in parallel rooms. 


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    Updates in muscle injuries: from anatomy to return to play

    Chairs: Rodas G (ESP)
    13:00 Anatomy of the Muscle Injury: How to understand the Muscle Injury today Pedret C (ESP)
    13:25 Live Clinical Cases: Ultrasound Study of Rectus Femoris Injury Balius R (ESP)
    13:40 Live Clinical Cases: Ultrasound, MRI and Fusion UL- MRI Study of Hamstring Injury Til L (ESP)
    13:55 Live Clinical Cases: Lateral Ankle Sprains: Ultrasound evaluation and differential diagnosis Iriarte I (ESP)
    14:10 Practical Management of the Return to Play Process: Vision from a Professional Bench Pruna R (ESP)
    14:20 Discussion and conclusion
    14:30 End of the Workshop
  • FIDIA WORKSHOP 11:30 - 13:00

    Ordinary diseases in extraordinary soccer players: results from C.H.A.M.P.S. study

    Chairs: Benazzo F (ITA), Cugat R (ESP)
    11:30 Introduction Benazzo F (ITA), Cugat R (ESP)
    11:40 OVERVIEW | “Ordinary diseases in extraordinary soccer players” Villalon J (ESP)
    12:10 THE STUDY | “Ordinary diseases: focus on sprains and chondropathy” Perticarini L (ITA)
    12:25 CLINICAL EXPERIENCE |C.H.A.M.P.S. study: efficacy of HYMOVIS in high demand patients Benazzo F (ITA)
    12:45 Discussion and conclusion
    13:00 End of the Workshop
  • WELLBEING WORKSHOP 13:00 - 14:30

    Development of Stem Cell Secretome Therapy

    Chairs: Lewinsohn M, Schuetz A
    13:00 Introduction Chancellor A (UK)
    13:05 Development of Stem Cell Secretome Therapy Ray S
    14:00 Discussion and conclusion
    14:30 End of the Workshop
  • Sports Dentistry WORKSHOP 14:30 - 16:00

    Sports Dentistry in Football Medicine

    Chairs: Zahar M (TUN)
  • PHYSIOMED WORKSHOP 16:30 - 18:00

    Application of Deep Oscillation in field of Football Medicine: Scientific study introduction related to injuries of Football players

    16:30 Deep Oscillation Treatment for Regeneration and Rehabilitation in Football - An Evaluation of Current Evidence von Stengel S (GER)
    17:00 Experience DEEP OSCILLATION – Hands-on Zajac V (GER)
    17:30 Discussion and conclusion
    18:00 End of the Workshop

    Collection, Analysis and Reporting of Data: How can we create value for professional teams?

    Chairs: Rodas G (ESP), Cos F (ESP)
    11:30 Can sports science and medicine research help improve performance in team sports? McCall A (UK)
    11:40 Why are biostatistics important in Sport Science and Medicine? Casals M (ESP)
    11:50 How Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help to understand injuries and why we are not there yet! Fernandez J (ESP)
    12:00 How can data management of the physician be important/useful in your team? Pruna R (ESP), Yanguas J (ESP)
    12:10 How the sports physiotherapist uses data to recover our athletes Ortega S (ESP), Brau J (ESP)
    12:20 How can data management of the sport scientist/strength & conditioning coach aid in controlling the training load? Reche X (ESP)
    12:30 Discussion and conclusion
    13:00 End of the Workshop

    The wireless smart insole to better measure body loading during soccer

    Chairs: Lake M (UK), Lazou P (SGP)
    13:00 The wireless smart insole to better measure body loading during soccer Lake M (UK), Lazou P (SGP)
    14:00 Discussion and conclusion
    14:30 End of the Workshop
  • ISEH WORKSHOP 14:30 - 16:00

    ISEH and IOC - Advances in Research through Collaboration

    14:30 Introduction to workshop - IOC Research Centre Partnerships de Medici A (UK)
    14:35 Overview of IOC medical research and aim of the research centre partnerships Engebretsen L (NOR)
    14:50 The Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center perspective Bahr R (NOR)
    15:05 The Aspetar perspective Gillogly S (QAT)
    15:20 The ISEH and NCSEM Perspective Haddad F (UK)
    15:35 Discussion and conclusion
    16:00 End of the Workshop
  • KISS ANKLE WORKSHOP 16:30 - 18:00

    Global release: Advanced Ankle Safety System for Football

    Chairs: Hubbard CJ (AUS), Foskett K (AUS)
    16:30 Intro: the evolution of sports safety equipment from the 1940's - today
    17:05 The ‘Form’: what is a Kinetic impulse Suppression System or KiSS?
    17:20 Applications: KiSS use in Football for Prevention, Rehabilitation and Regeneration with Orthobiologics: Hands on fitting workshop
    17:40 Opportunities: user/prescriber Certification, Partnerships and Distribution
    18:00 End of the Workshop
  • IBSA WORKSHOP 14:00 - 15:00

    What’s behind Sinovial® HL, the cutting-edge of viscosupplementation: technology and clinical outcomes

    Chairs: Parisaux JM (Monaco)
    14:00 Opening Parisaux JM (Monaco)
    14:05 Is intra-articular hyaluronic acid useful in athletes and football players? Parisaux JM (Monaco)
    14:20 The new generation of i.a. HA based on NAHYCO® technology: Sinovial® HL Giori A (ITA)
    14:35 Clinical benefits of Sinovial® HL and its role in the treatment of sports-related pathologies Zampogna B (ITA)
    14:50 Discussion and conclusion
    15:00 End of the Workshop
  • SCME WORKSHOP 8:30 - 10:00

    ACL Injuries and Prevention in women’s football

    08:30 Introduction Fernández C (ESP)
    08:35 Evaluation of biomechanical risk factors associated with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Ferrer V (ESP)
    09:15 Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Knee Injuries Prevention Programs Ortega S (ESP)
    09:50 Discussion and conclusion
    10:00 End of the Workshop
  • MDT Int'l WORKSHOP 10:00 - 11:30

    Are all hyaluronic acids the same? SportVis® contains STABHA®: Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid for Tendons and Ligaments

    10:00 Welcome and introduction
    10:05 STABHA® presentation and overview of practical and standard procedures using STABHA® Pedrinelli A (BRA)
    10:20 STABHA®: My experience in elite athletes - ankle sprain indication Pessoa P (POR)
    10:35 Ultrasound-guided applications of STABHA® to different anatomical regions – Presentation and live demonstration Hrazdira L (CZE), Rezaninova J (CZE)
    11:00 STABHA®: Epicondylitis indication and injection technique demonstration on ankle Fadel M (BRA)
    11:20 Discussion and conclusion
    11:30 End of the Workshop
  • TECHNOGYM WORKSHOP 12:00 - 13:30

    Running efficiency for rehabilitation and performance. When technology improves practice.

    Chairs: Cuzzolin F (ITA)
    12:00 Theoretical session Cuzzolin F (ITA)
    12:45 Practical session
    13:15 Q&A
    13:30 End of the Workshop
  • NOVOTHOR WORKSHOP 13:30 - 15:00

    Review of Low Level Laser / photobiomodulation and the treatment of oedema in 2nd degree ankle sprains

    Chairs: Caudell A (UK)
    13:30 Introduction Carroll J (UK)
    13:40 Low Level Laser / Photobiomodulation and the treatment of oedema in 2nd degree ankle sprains Carroll J (UK)
    14:40 Discussion and conclusion
    15:00 End of the Workshop
  • ISMULT WORKSHOP Supported by Igea 15:00 - 16:30

    The role of us examination in musculoskeletal sport injuries

    Chairs: Nanni G (ITA), Saggini R (ITA), Foti C (ITA)
    15:00 Why I.S.Mu.L.T. and what are I.S.Mu.L.T. interests? Maffulli N (ITA)
    15:10 ISMuLT Registry for PEMF in Musculoskeletal disorders Frizziero A (ITA)
    15:20 US examination in muscle injuries Gasparre G (ITA)
    15:30 US examination in tendinopathies Mahmoud A
    15:40 US-Guided Hyaluronic Acid injections in tendinopathies Frizziero A (ITA)
    15:50 US examination in ligament injuries Zappia M (ITA)
    16:00 US-Guided ESWT in Tendinopathies Vulpiani MC (ITA), Vetrano M (ITA)
    16:10 Discussion and conclusion
    16:30 End of the Workshop
  • GAME READY WORKSHOP 17:00 - 18:30

    Injury Recovery Stages: When to Use Cold, Heat, Rapid Contrast, and Compression Therapies

    17:00 Injury Recovery Stages: when to Use Cold, Heat, Rapid Contrast, and Compression Therapies Corsini A (ITA) Mora Del Río A (ESP), Hite R (USA)
    18:00 Discussion and conclusion
    18:30 End of the Workshop
  • SETRADE WORKSHOP 13:30 - 15:00

    Sonosurgery. An accurate and minimal invasive surgery for Sports Injuries

    Chairs: Carrascosa A (ESP), Puigdellivol J (ESP)
    13:30 Welcome and introduction Carrascosa A (ESP), Puigdellivol J (ESP)
    13:35 The way from diagnostic ultrasonography to sonosurgery Balius R (ESP)
    13:40 Sonosurgery: indications and base conditions to practice Ardevol J (ESP)
    13:45 Patellar Tendinopathy. Arthroscopic treatment under US control Alfredson H (SWE)
    13:55 Exertional compartment syndrome. Aponeurotomy US assisted Balius R (ESP)
    13:59 Endoscopic US assisted neurolysis of elbow and forearm nerve entrapment Palau J (ESP)
    14:05 Percutaneous Achilles repair US assisted Til L (POR)
    14:15 Plantar Fasciotomy US Assisted Ferrer Senorans C (ESP)
    14:25 ECRB US assisted release for lateral epicondylitis Ardevol J (ESP)
    14:35 Discussion Carrascosa A (ESP), Puigdellivol J (ESP)
    14:45 Conclusions, end of the workshop Carrascosa A (ESP)
  • IFSPT WORKSHOP 15:00 - 16:30

    Knee injuries in young female football players

    Chairs: Bizzini M (SUI), Thorborg K (DEN)
    00:00 Sponsored by the Danish Society of Sports Physical Therapy and the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy
    15:00 How big is the problem in elite vs. amateur young female football players? Zebis M (DEN) - Silvers-Granelli H (USA)
    15:15 How can we prevent acute knee injuries? Arundale A (USA)
    15:30 Where can we improve existing prevention programmes? Zebis M (DEN)
    15:45 Return to football after acute knee injuries Ardern C (SWE)
    16:00 How do we manage knee pain and long-term consequences of acute knee injuries? Silvers-Granelli H (USA)
    16:15 Discussion and conclusion
    16:30 End of the Workshop
  • BTL WORKSHOP 17:00 - 18:30

    BTL Super Inductive System

    17:00 How to use High Intensity Magnet Field in Football Injuries Loureiro N (POR)
    17:30 High Intensity Magnet practical aplications Del Potro VM (ESP), Machio B (ESP)
    18:00 Discussion and conclusion
    18:30 End of the Workshop
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