Industry Sponsored Symposia

Below you can find the detailed programmes of the Workshops that will be held in parallel rooms. If you would like to see the programme at glance, click on the button.

    Role of Imaging in the Diagnosis of Injuries and Return to Play

    Chairs: Kassarjian A (ESP), Rodas G (ESP)
    13:00 State of the art Cerezal L (ESP)
    13:15 Ultrasound in Football Players Til L (ESP)
    13:30 MRI in Football Players Alomar X (ESP), Mechó S (ESP), Idoate F (ESP)
    13:45 Pathways and Decision Process Pruna R (ESP)
    13:55 Open Discussion, Q&A Pruna R (ESP), Olmo J (ESP), Cerezal L (ESP), English B (UK), Tencone F (ITA)
    14:15 Emerging techniques in Sports Medicine Imaging Toshiba Medical
    14:30 End of the Workshop
  • ISEH

    Perspectives on the management of Hamstring in injuries in elite sport - a case based discussion

    Chairs: de Medici A (UK) Haddad F (UK)
    13:00 Introduction de Medici A (UK)
    13:05 Imaging Healy J (UK)
    13:15 Surgical and specialist management Haddad F (UK)
    13:25 Principals of Rehabilitation Moore J (UK)
    13:35 Optimising return to play Paton B (UK)
    13:55 Q&A with panel
    14:00 End of the Workshop

    Ultrasound diagnosis of inguinal pain in the soccer player: not everything is pubis sindrome

    Chairs: García-Nieto Portabella JN (ESP)
    11:30 Introduction del Valle Soto M (ESP), De Teresa Galvan C (ESP)
    11:40 Differential Diagnosis Jimenez Díaz F (ESP)
    11:45 Sport hernia and others hernias Jiménez Díaz F (ESP), Abellán Guillén JF (ESP)
    12:00 Muscles injuries: iliopsoas and rectus femoralis Jiménez Díaz F (ESP), Abellán Guillén JF (ESP)
    12:15 Anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS) pathology Jiménez Díaz F (ESP), Abellán Guillén JF (ESP)
    12:30 Hip impingement syndromes Jiménez Díaz F (ESP), Abellán Guillén JF (ESP)
    12:45 Discussion
    13:00 End of the Workshop

    Knee sports physical therapy highlights

    Chairs: Khan K (CAN), Bizzini M (SUI)
    13:00 Road to Belfast 2nd World Congress Sports PT (intro) Bizzini M (SUI)
    13:05 Patellar Tendon rehab update Cook J (AUS)
    13:20 PFP rehab update Crossley K (AUS)
    13:35 Hamstring rehab update Witvrouw E (BEL)
    13:50 ACL rehab update Silvers H (USA)
    14:05 Knee Prevention update Hagglund M (SWE)
    14:20 Discussion
    14:30 End of the Workshop
  • BTL

    Super Inductive System – The ultimate rehabilitation modality in Football Sports Medicine

    Chairs: Bogdan S BTL Espana
    14:30 Super Inductive System – The ultimate rehabilitation modality in Football Sports Medicine Telmo F (Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Portugal)
    15:30 Discussion
    16:00 End of the Workshop

    Future Approaches in Tendon Evaluation - From the Image to the Orthopaedic sports surgeon

    Chairs: Ardevol J (ESP), Carrascosa A (ESP)
    16:30 Sport tendon pathology Background Pedret C (ESP)
    16:40 How to use Doppler in tendon evaluation Masci L (UK)
    16:50 Ultrasound tissue characterisation UTC , is it useful for tendon managing? Domínguez D (ESP)
    17:00 MRI sequences for the tendon. Ultrashort Echo Time UTE Padron M (ESP)
    17:10 Fusion MRI US for tendons Til L (ESP)
    17:20 Demo: Fusion MRI-US on real time Balius R (ESP)
    17:30 Hands on: tendon Ultrasound Balius R, Pedret C, Álvarez G, Rius M, Bosy M, Iriarte I, de la Fuente J, Saiz R, Palau J (ESP)
    18:00 End of the Workshop
  • IBSA

    Tackling musculoskeletal pain: efficacy and safety of GAGs therapy and topical NSAIDs

    Chairs: Giamberardino MA (ITA), Chevalier X (FRA)
    11:30 Welcome and introduction Giamberardino MA (ITA)
    11:35 GAGs therapy in musculoskeletal pain and joint structure modification: the role of oral pharmaceutical-grade chondroitin sulphate Chevalier X (FRA)
    11:55 The intra-articular effects of GAGs: HA administration and its benefits in large and small joints Guerrasio S (ITA)
    12:15 The NAHYCO™ Hybrid Technology: a new frontier in joint pain treatment Abate M (ITA)
    12:35 When pain needs to be treated locally: diclofenac epolamine (DHEP) topical patch Giamberardino MA (ITA)
    12:50 Discussion and conclusion Chevalier X (FRA)
    13:00 End of the Symposium

    HAVE MOVEMENT – HAVE HEALTH – HAVE FIDIA We have it: a unique, innovative solution for high demand OA patients

    Chairs: Benazzo F (ITA), Medina D (ESP)
    13:00 INTRODUCTION Working to HAVE what OA patients need Benazzo F (ITA), Medina D (ESP)
    13:10 OVERVIEW Ordinary diseases in extraordinary soccer players Villalon A (ESP)
    13:30 SPECIFIC CASE IAHA tailored treatment for elite basketball players Bigoni M (ITA)
    13:50 CLINICAL EXPERIENCE The medical answer to chondropathy and sprains with a focus on C.H.A.M.P.S. study Benazzo F (ITA)
    14:10 DISCUSSION We HAVE it: Hymovis! Benazzo F (ITA), Medina D (ESP)
    14:30 End of the Workshop

    State of the Art Management of Tendinopathy

    Chairs: Rodas G (ESP)
    14:30 UTC-the current state of play O’Neill S (UK)
    14:45 Tendon development from academy to professional level in football and basketball players Hernandez G (ESP)
    15:00 Relationship between integrity, elasticity and clinical scores in elite athletes in healthy and tendinopathic tendons Fu A (Hong Kong)
    15:15 Predictive value of measurement of integrity by means of UTC in rugby players Masci L (UK)
    15:30 UTC-the next level van Schie H (NED)
    15:45 Discussion
    16:00 End of the Workshop

    Tendinopathy - New options for conservative and surgical treatment

    Chairs: Jari S (UK)
    16:30 Viscosupplemetation and other novel therapies in the treatment of paratendon injury Nieper A (UK)
    16:50 The German view on treating Tendinopathy Knobloch K (GER)
    17:10 Achilles Tendinopathy – surgical options Limaye R (UK)
    17:30 Discussion
    18:00 End of the Workshop
  • MuscleTech Network -

    Monitoring load / injury / performance in FCBarcelona

    Chairs: Cos F (ESP), Medina D (ESP)
    13:30 Workload Monitoring Strategies/Guide Gabbett T (AUS)
    13:40 Use GPS for monitoring load: pros and cons Casamichana D (ESP)
    13:50 Monitoring load/injury/performance in FCB Academy Guitart M, Fernandez J, Gómez A, Martin A, Medina D
    14:00 Monitoring load/injury/performance in 1st football team Yanguas X, Pons E, Brau J, Pruna R
    14:10 Monitoring load/ injury / performance in 1st basketball team Vázquez J, Valle X, Tarragó JR, Rodas G
    14:20 Monitoring load / injury /performance in 1st team futsal Camenforte I, Terricabres J
    14:30 End of the Workshop

    Management of tendinopathy

    Chairs: Saggini R (ITA), Foti C (ITA), Costantino C (ITA)
    13:30 Management of Achilles tendinopathy: how to treat Maffulli N (ITA)
    13:45 Hormones and tendinopathies Oliva F (ITA)
    14:00 Fluoroquinolones and tendinopathies: what’s new Vittadini F (ITA)
    14:15 Proprioception and tendinopathies Forte A (ITA)
    14:30 The role of Hyaluronic Acid Injection in tendinopathies Frizziero A (ITA)
    14:45 Discussion
    15:00 End of the Workshop
  • ESMA

    Back to sports in football: What can we learn from different countries and health systems?

    Chairs: Mayr H (ESMA Chair), Krutsch W (ESMA Education Secretary)
    13:30 Back to sports experience in Sweden Forssblad M (SWE)
    13:45 Back to sports experience in Germany Krutsch W (GER)
    14:00 Back to sports experience in Luxemburg Seil R (LUX)
    14:15 Back to sports experience in the USA Mandelbaum B (USA)
    14:30 Back to sports experience in the UEFA-Level Walden M (SWE)
    14:45 Summary and dicussion with the Panel
    15:00 End of the Workshop
  • UCAM Universidad Catòlica S. Antonio de Murcia

    Anthropometry and maturation in football

    Chairs: Manonelles Marqueta P (ESP)
    15:00 Presentation Alacid Cárceles F (ESP)
    16:00 Discussion
    16:30 End of the Workshop

    From Movements to Abilities: A Practical Application of the Rehabilitation to Performance Training Continuum

    Chairs: Cuzzolin F (ITA)
    17:00 Theoretical Session Miller J (NED)
    17:45 Practical Session: Hands on Skillmill Miller J (NED)
    18:15 Q&A
    18:30 End of the Workshop
  • Kistler Iberica S.L

    Use of kinetical measurement system Kistler Mars to monitor athlete performances, weaknesses and rehabilitation progress after injury

    08:30 Performance Testing and Athlete Monitoring in professional sports Laborde Florian
    08:45 Performance Testing and Athlete Monitoring Laborde Florian
    09:00 Performance Testing and Athlete Monitoring practice Laborde Florian
    09:30 Return to Play Laborde Florian
    09:45 Discussion
    10:00 End of the Workshop

    "DIATHERMY IN SPORTS MEDICINE" Tecar Therapy and Hyperthermia 2.0 in the treatment of muscle and joint injuries of football players

    10:00 Introduction
    10:10 Diathermy Treatment Goals
    10:20 Football Medicine Experience
    10:30 Tecar Therapy & Hyperthermia 2.0: Integration & Complementarity in daily practice Blanco Alvarez S (ESP), Barni L (ITA)
    10:40 Discussion
    11:00 Coffee Break
    11:30 End of the Workshop

    Soccer-specific injury prevention screening using latest 3D markerless technology

    Chairs: Russ P (GER), Hajduk K (GER)
    12:00 Importance of quantifying biomechanics – the use of 3-dimensional motion analysis for injury prevention and return to play
    12:15 Limitations of rater-based screening methods in terms of specificity, objectivity, reliability and validity - Limitations of marker-based motion capture and wearables in terms of practicability - New markerless motion capture technology as an accurate and practical method
    12:30 Presenting a new diagnostic concept for injury prevention and return to play in professional soccer using modern markerless technology
    12:45 Showing how to derive criterion-based consequences for the issues of physical therapy and athletic training based on biomechanical data
    13:00 Case reports based on one of the largest scientific biomechanical screening data set in German male junior soccer players (Under 16, 17 & 19)
    13:15 Discussion
    13:30 End of the Workshop

    Combining 3D Biomechanics and Inertial sensors in return to play decision making

    13:30 Existing Field tests for RTP decisions Franklyn-Miller A (IRL)
    13:50 3D Biomechanical challenges used to enhance field testing King E (IRL)
    14:10 VU® powered by Pivot: An inertial sensor driven 3D biomechanics based RTP test Richter C
    14:30 Discussion
    15:00 End of the Workshop

    The use of reactive response training and implementation of controlled and safe unexpected perturbations in sports rehabilitation

    15:00 Benefits of unexpected perturbations and reflex reactions training in Football Cohen A (ISR)
    15:45 Practical demonstration at the Exhibitor Stand - Indoor Area stand number 35
    16:30 End of the Workshop

    Applying whole body cryostimulation in elite football

    17:00 Introduction: Positioning whole body cryotherapy in sports practice Viroux P
    17:15 Physiological fundament of applying whole-body-cryotherapy Banfi G (ITA)
    17:30 Integrating whole-body-cryotherapy in the care approach of Sevilla FC Munoz Macho A (ESP)
    17:45 Whole-body-Cryotherapy; it should not be a one-size fits all approach Tiemessen I
    18:00 What can we learn from other sports utilizing whole-body-cryotherapy Merrick M (USA)
    18:15 Panel discussion Lead by O’Connoll M (UK)
    18:30 End of the Workshop

    11+ Kids: children are the future!

    Chairs: Bizzini M (SUI)
    13:00 Mechanisms and Screening for ACL Injury Risk in Adolescents Hewett T (USA)
    13:15 ACL prevention in children and adolescents Silvers H (USA)
    13:30 11+ KIDS prevention program: the latest update Bizzini M (SUI)
    13:45 Video demos
    14:15 Discussion
    14:30 End of the Workshop
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