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2019 Scientific Programme

Have a look at last year's edition 2019 Scientific Programme
  • Official Welcome

    Chairs: Davison M (UK)
    09:00 Official Welcome Fulcher M (NZL), Bahr R (NOR), D’Hooghe M (BEL), Della Villa S (ITA)
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Inspiring stories of world class athlete recoveries

    Chairs: Della Villa S (ITA) - D'Hooghe M (BEL)
    09:15 How to manage a muscle re-injury during the season in professional basketball player Rodas G (ESP)
    09:30 Showing leadership during rehab: a captain’s return from injury Gallagher P (NZL)
    09:45 Olympic ski five months after ACL repair Sonnery-Cottet B (FRA)
    10:00 Mend it like Beckham: the power of progression Mandelbaum B (USA)
    10:15 The sport doesn’t matter, your approach does Knowles B (USA)
    10:30 Discussion
    11:00 Coffee Break
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Learning from the World of Basketball

    Chairs: Serratosa L (ESP) - Zaslav K (USA)
    11:30 Chronic injury management in Euroleague payers Gillett M (UK)
    11:45 From British Basketball to Tottenham Hotspurs: ideas to improve the player care model Fisher P (UK)
    12:00 One year on.. Lessons to take from the NBA back to football Gelis L (USA)
    12:15 Basketball knee injuries create surgical challenges Spalding T (USA)
    12:30 Post-exercise recovery strategies for basketball Terrados N (ESP)
    12:45 Discussion
    13:00 Lunch Break
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Learning from Running

    Chairs: Calder J (UK) - Jones H (POR)
    14:30 What can football learn from track and field English B (UK)
    14:45 Muscle injuries in sprinters and football players Ueblacker P (GER)
    15:00 Prevention and management of patellofemoral pain in runners Powers C (USA)
    15:15 Exercise related leg pain: is it all in technique? Franklyn-Miller A (IRL)
    15:30 The injured triathlete Erggelet C (SUI)
    15:45 Discussion
    16:00 Break
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Learning from Rugby and American Football

    Chairs: Edwards T (NZL) - Marcacci M (ITA)
    16:30 They also call it Football (but just about everything else is different) Reider B (USA)
    16:45 Individualized anatomic ACL reconstruction in American football and soccer Fu F (USA)
    17:00 Musculotendinous injuries around the pelvis: new mechanisms and new paradigms Haddad F (UK)
    17:15 We are our brains: approaches to managing concussion in the real world Kemp Simon (UK)
    17:30 Approaches to reducing injuries in rugby union: tackling safety with science Stokes K (UK)
    17:45 Discussion
    18:00 End of the day
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    News from the UEFA Champions League Study

    Chairs: Denti M (ITA) - Forssblad M (SWE)
    11:30 Pre-season preparation taking influence from rugby Ekstrand J (QAT)
    11:45 Update on ACL injuries in the UEFA injury study and lessons learned from professional handball Walden M (SWE)
    12:00 A concussion increased the risk of any football injury up to a year. Similar experience in other sports? Nordstrom A (SWE)
    12:15 Which measurements of load can help us predict future injuries in football? Experience from other sports McCall A (UK)
    12:30 Organizational design considerations to prevent injuries: case studies across football and other sports Davison M (UK)
    12:45 Discussion
    13:00 Lunch Break
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Preventing infective illness in the elite athlete

    Chairs: Pedrinelli A (BRA) - Theos C (GRE)
    14:30 Introduction of the session Bahr R (NOR)
    14:40 Infections in athletes: how big is the risk? Clarsen B (NOR)
    14:55 Upper respiratory tract infections - What is the best practice for making return to play decisions? Schwellnus M (RSA)
    15:15 Pre-travel preparation and approach to medical issues during travel: What the team physician should do? Derman W (RSA)
    15:30 Preventing illness in your team - how do you do it? Schumacher Y (QAT)
    15:45 Discussion
    16:00 Break
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Injury prevention and management in women's sport

    Chairs: Ardern C (SWE) - Bizzini M (SUI)
    16:30 Are women really all that different from men when it comes to sports injuries? Geertsema C (QAT)
    16:45 Legacy of Title IX - injury epidemiology and the changing landscape of women’s participation in sport Snyder-Mackler L (USA)
    17:00 How to help the pregnant athlete stay healthy and perform at her best Sundgot-Borgen J (NOR)
    17:15 The athlete’s perspective - what it takes to reach the top in women’s sport Smith R (UK)
    17:30 Sex and gender differences in sport - implications for ensuring athletes are happy and healthy Ackerman K (USA)
    17:45 Discussion
    18:00 End of the day
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Groin pain is not only a football problem

    Chairs: Batty P (UK) - Fearn J (UK)
    08:30 The importance of history and examination in the diagnosis of hip and groin pain whatever the sport Holmich P (DEN)
    08:45 Groin injuries in youth runners Andersen TE (NOR)
    09:00 Lessons from Rugby League and Gaelic Football in the management of hip and groin pain Fevre D (UK)
    09:15 Changing perspectives on groin pain in AFL: different terminology or conditions Brukner P (AUS)
    09:30 Do athletes from different sports require different treatment from the football model to return to their sport?  Griffin D (UK)
    09:45 Discussion
    10:00 End of the session
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Knee injuries: conservative and surgical approach in different sports

    Chairs: Dejour D (FRA) - Zaffagnini S (ITA)
    10:00 Knee ligament lesions in athletes: conservative and surgical options Cugat R (ESP)
    10:15 Multi-ligament injuries in elite sports Williams A (UK)
    10:30 Global rotation in ACL lesions in different sports Espregueira-Mendes J (POR)
    10:45 Knee injuries: does the secret lie in optimising neuromuscular function? Tencone F (ITA)
    11:00 The place of mesenchymal stem cell-based treatment in the sports knee De Girolamo L (ITA)
    11:15 Discussion
    11:30 Coffee Break
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    ACL: Return to play and re-injury prevention in high impact sports

    Chairs: Cohen M (BRA) - Espregueira-Mendes J (POR)
    12:00 Comparison of return to play, performance and reinjury rates amongst different pivoting sports after ACLr Webster K (AUS)
    12:15 ACL injuries in young athletes: just fixing is not enough Seil R (LUX)
    12:30 Waiting more time versus using more time to fulfill necessary criteria. Is it the solution? Della Villa F (ITA)
    12:45 Comparison of injury incidence and mechanisms between landing and pivoting sports Hewett T (USA)
    13:00 Psychological factors germane to return to play following ACL reconstruction Williams R (USA)
    13:15 Discussion
    13:30 Lunch Break
  • SUN28th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Muscle injury challenges: advances in prevention and treatment

    Chairs: Cowie C (UK) - Khan K (CAN)
    15:00 The nightmare of the recurring calf muscle ‘strain’ Glasgow P (IRL)
    15:15 Training load and muscle injury risk: the potential, the pitfalls, and the lessons learned from other sports Møller M (DEN)
    15:30 Managing the intramuscular hamstring tendon tear Taberner M (UK)
    15:45 How football can learn from track and field athletics to manage muscle injury Pollock N (UK)
    16:00 Are all our efforts working? What is the trend in the burden of football muscle injuries? Hagglund M (SWE)
    16:15 Discussion
    16:30 Break
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Making tendons great again: exercise and regenerative medicine in various sports

    Chairs: Alfredson H (SWE) - Karlsson J (SWE)
    17:00 Update from the International Scientific Tendon Symposium (ISTS) Zwerver H (NED)
    17:15 Achilles tendinopathy: how to assess progress toward return to sports Silbernagel K (USA)
    17:30 Platelet-rich plasma injections for the treatment of patellar tendinopathy Filardo G (ITA)
    17:45 Poetry in motion. Lessons for football. Tendon rehabilitation/management from a dance perspective Clark R (UK)
    18:00 Why injections didn’t work in 2010 and they won’t in 2020 Vicenzino B (AUS)
    18:15 Discussion
    18:30 End of the day
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Learning from Volleyball and Handball

    Chairs: Bahr R (NOR), Berruto M (ITA)
    08:30 Introduction of the session Bahr R (NOR)
    08:35 Loads of jumping, loads of knee complaints - A look at loading in volleyball Skazalski C (QAT)
    08:50 Load and shoulder problems in handball Møller M (DEN)
    09:05 Handball injuries - definitely more than just a throwing sport! Laver L (UK)
    09:20 There's no such thing as a simple ankle sprain in volleyball D'Hooghe P (QAT)
    09:35 Knee injuries in volleyball Neyret P (FRA)
    09:50 Discussion
    10:00 End of the Session
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Learning from Cycling and Motor Sports

    Chairs: Rosa D (ITA) - Sas K (BEL)
    10:00 Tour de France: the ultimate sport medicine challenge Menetrey J (SUI)
    10:15 Motocross: is it a safe family sport? Gobbi A (ITA)
    10:30 Multidisciplinary approach to medical assistance in motorcycle racing Zasa M (ITA)
    10:45 Getting on the bike for rehab Hambly K (UK)
    11:00 Cross over from cycling medicine to football medicine Bombeke D (BEL)
    11:15 Discussion
    11:30 Coffee Break
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Learning from Tennis and Golf

    Chairs: Ball S (UK) - Spalding T (UK)
    12:00 The shoulder in tennis and overhead athletes Milano G (ITA)
    12:15 When tennis leg is not tennis leg Maffulli N (ITA)
    12:30 The shoulder between victim and culprit Di Giacomo G (ITA)
    12:45 Can you play golf with degenerative spine? Or is it the end of career? Dvorak J (SUI)
    13:00 Minimising illness and injuy in golf Murray A (UK)
    13:15 Discussion
    13:30 Lunch Break
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Learning from Skiing

    Chairs: Papalia R (ITA) - Sweetnam D (UK)
    15:00 Injury prevention in elite alpine skiing: a very complex challenge! Mueller E (AUT)
    15:15 Managing skiing injuries Schneider C (GER)
    15:30 Conservative and surgical solutions in cartilage knee skiing lesions Kon E (ITA)
    15:45 Bringing back function. Future of joint replacements and rapid recovery for skiers Rajaratnam S (UK)
    16:00 On the slope again: progression for end-stage rehab in winter sports Marconato A (UK)
    16:15 Discussion
    16:30 Break
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Learning from Cricket and Baseball

    Chairs: Axe M (USA) - Stride M (UK)
    17:00 What football can learn from cricket Peirce N (UK)
    17:15 Lumbar bone stress injury, MRI bone marrow oedema and cricket workload Beakley D (AUS)
    17:30 What football can learn from baseball Whiteley R (QAT)
    17:45 Overhead throwing injuries and workload: is there a missing factor? Zaremski J (USA)
    18:00 Cricket and baseball - flirting with danger Brukner P (AUS)
    18:15 Discussion
    18:30 End of the day
  • MON 29th April 2019 - Great Hall

    Managing the High Performance Environment

    Chairs: Beasley I (UK) - Gregson W (QAT)
    08:30 Mission driven high performance Hennessy J (USA)
    08:45 Creating player buy-in to data and High Performance culture Winkelman N (IRL)
    09:00 Aussie Rules - still 10 years ahead in Performance Management? Burgess D (UK)
    09:15 Performance culture to win Championships - Round Table Buford RC (USA), Brailsford D (UK) - Davison M (UK) interview
    10:00 End of the Session
  • MON 29th April 2019 - Great Hall

    Load management: common principles vs sport-specificity

    Chairs: Kemp Steve (UK) - Milsom J (UK)
    10:00 Load management in the real world: does practice-based evidence trump academic theories? Gabbett T (AUS)
    10:15 How to get the most of monitoring data: the rugby union experience West S (UK)
    10:30 Lessons from the World Cup, using principles from other sports Cavanagh B (UK)
    10:45 Managing the load over the hectic NBA season Golich D (USA)
    11:00 Battling on all Fronts: management of competitive EPL and European Campaigns Forsythe S (UK)
    11:15 Discussion
    11:30 Coffee Break
  • MON 29th April 2019 - Great Hall

    Sport specific rehabilitation: targeting the last phase of recovery

    Chairs: Eirale C (FRA) - Krutsch W (GER)
    12:00 ‘The prepare to train’ stage after long-term injury in elite football players Buckthorpe M (UK)
    12:15 On Parquet Rehabilitation for the Basketball players: role for progression Arundale A (USA)
    12:30 Individual re-conditioning in top athletes Requena B (ESP)
    12:45 Head and neck sports injuries: prevention and rehabilitation Perry A (UK)
    13:00 American weekend warriors: return to play Osbahr D (USA)
    13:15 Discussion
    13:30 Lunch Break
  • MON 29th April 2019 - Great Hall

    Nutrition for athletic development and performance

    Chairs: Roberts C (UK), Whyte G (UK)
    14:30 What can football learn from the "Odd Balls" when it comes to sport nutrition Close GL (UK)
    14:45 Don’t fight the scales! Lessons from GB boxing and Anthony Joshua Ellison M (UK)
    15:00 Fuelling grand tours in cycling: every gram counts! Morton J (UK)
    15:15 Body composition periodisation in Olympic level runners Stellingwerff T (CAN)
    15:30 The Whip or the Carrot? Creating a cultural shift and behaviour change in jockey nutrition: potential lessons for football Martin D (UK)
    15:45 Discussion
    16:00 End of the Conference
  • WEMBLEY SUITE - LEVEL +2 - 10:00


    Chairs: Brukner P (AUS), Delcogliano A (ITA), Konin J (USA), Olmo J (ESP)
    10:00 Big spleens are predictable! Moxon J (UK)
    10:12 Lateral meniscus: an emblematic example of surgical and rehabilitation changes in the last 10 years Lupetti E (ITA)
    10:24 From injury to victory: regaining pride in an athlete with musculocutaneous nerve injury Dejaño RJTO (PHI)
    10:36 The ‘ankle thing’: a case report about a parkour athlete with a footballer’s ankle Gilsing AH (NED)
    10:48 The impossible is possible: mindsetbody reconditioning of Sandra Paovic national heroine Brozicevic V (CRO)
    11:00 Bridge-enhanced anterior cruciate ligament repair Jarrar IN (RUS)
    11:12 Diagnosis and treatment of a medial ankle sprain: a case report of a football player Meeusen D (BEL)
    11:24 End of the Session
  • WEMBLEY SUITE - LEVEL +2 - 12:00


    Chairs: Brukner P (AUS), Delcogliano A (ITA), Konin J (USA), Olmo J (ESP)
    12:00 The role of cardio-pulmonary exercise testing in a patient with aortic valve replacement Taralov Z (BUL)
    12:12 Targeting psychological and physical dimensions in new environments Mali A (BRN)
    12:24 In rehabilitation, a knee injury is not just a knee injury and patience is a virtue Lau BC (USA)
    12:36 20-week return to play after lumbar stress fractures in an adolescent cricket fast-bowler Murphy MC (AUS)
    12:48 Return to play after three anterior cruciate ligament injuries: is resilience the key? Cencini S (ITA)
    13:00 Lumbar compartment syndrome after a cross-fit session Bialé L (FRA)
    13:12 A football-specific rehabilitation algorithm after ligamentous ankle injuries Flore Z (GER)
    13:24 End of the Session


    Chairs: Lewin G (UK) - Zanobbi M (UK)
    11:30 Which factors are predictive of return to play and recurrence following calf strain injury? Green B, Lin M, McClelland J, Semciw A, Schache A, Rotstein A, Cook J, Pizzari T (Melbourne, Australia)
    11:38 The Spanish version of the injury-psychological readiness to return to sport scale Sala-Barat E, Alvarez-Diaz P, Montes-Hidalgo J, Steinbacher G, Alentorn-Geli E, Rius M, Grossi S, Barastegui D, Cugat-Bertomeu R, Tomas-Sábado J (Barcelona, Spain)
    11:46 Quadriceps tendon complete rupture. An aggressive physiotherapy rehabilitation protocol Stergiou M, Stergiou E, Giannis C, Kalaboka K (Siatista-Kozani, Greece)
    11:54 Low load exercise with blood flow restriction for anterior knee pain Korakakis V, Whiteley R (Doha, Qatar)
    12:02 Effectiveness of an exercise program in patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome Oliveira M, Boitrago MV, Melo N, Borges JH, Lobo P, Barin FR, Gonçalves AL, Ramalho GX, Nunes P, Neto MS, Crema PH, Ferreira CHR (Brasilia, Brazil)
    12:10 Combined extracorporeal shockwave therapy for patella tendinopathy in German Bundesliga ) Knobloch K (Hannover, Germany
    12:18 Brace or no-brace after Anterior Cruciate Ligament graft? a prospective clinical trial Mayr HO, Haasters F, Stoehr A, Prall WC (Freiburg and Munich Harlaching, Germany)
    12:26 Patient reported outcome measures and return to sport rates two years after Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction Welling W, Benjaminse A, Lemmink K, Gokeler A (Groningen, the Netherlands; Luxembourg; Paderborn, Germany)
    12:34 Isokinetic evaluation in football players after Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction. Return to Sport criteria Stolarczyk A, Oleksy Ł, Mika A, Sulowska I, Szymczyk D, Kuchciak M, Rojek R, Kielnar R, Trębowicz M (Łańcut, Krakow, Rzeszow and Warsaw, Poland)
    12:42 Discussion
    13:00 End of the Session


    Chairs: Papacostas E (GRE) - Roche A (UK)
    14:30 Which is the ideal tendon substitute for an anterior cruciate ligamentoplasty? Ibañez E, Guillen-Vicente I, Lopez-Alcorocho JM, Guillen-Vicente M, Rodriguez-Iñigo E, Guillen-García P (Madrid, Spain)
    14:38 Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using bone-patellar tendon-bone autograft with internal bracing in a professional football player ) Stokes A, Tompos T, Hopper GP, Mackay GM (Aberdeen and Glasgow, United Kingdom)
    14:46 Healing of the patella harvest donor site and tendon graft in bone-tendon-bone anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in football players Tzoanos G, Tsavalas N, Chardaloumpas D, Kakavas G, Kalliakmanis A, Manidakis N (Thessaloniki, Greece)
    14:54 Outcome of one and two staged revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Prall WC, Haasters F, Fürmetz J, Peter C, Rieger M, Böcker W, Mayr HO (Münich, Germany)
    15:02 Worse function 1-year after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction increases risk of worsening magnetic resonance imaging osteoarthritis features Patterson BE, Culvenor AG, Barton CJ, Guermazi A, Stefanik JJ, Morris HG, Whitehead TS, Crossley KM (Bundora, Melbourne, Australia; Salzburg, Austria; Boston, USA)
    15:10 Preserving the tibial remnants during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: tips and tricks Karachalios GG, Krinas G, Tamviskos A, Chatziargyropoulos Th, Rogdaki E, Karachalios-Papazachariou S (Athenes, Greece; Naples, Italy)
    15:18 A novel anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction technique in professional football: double bundle anterior cruciate ligament and anterolateral ligament Aramberri M, Tiso G, Mediavilla I (Madrid and Bilbao, Spain)
    15:26 Simultaneous reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament and chondral lesion repair Guillen-Vicente I, Guillen-Vicente M, Rodriguez-Iñigo E, Fernández-Jaén TF, Lopez-Alcorocho JM, Arauz de Robles S, Guillen-García P (Madrid, Spain)
    15:34 Discussion
    16:00 End of the Session


    Chairs: Chomiak J (CZ) - Melegati G (ITA)
    16:00 Clinical case of fast dynamics soccer player's heart remodeling when changing the predominant type of exercise Ivanova YM, Pavlov VI, Odzhonikidze ZG, Chertkov AE (Moscow and Ekaterinburg, Russia)
    16:08 Training bradycardia increase in one elite cyclist following the use of a high oral splint Tonlorenzi D, Conti M, Giovannoni F, Righini G, Musetti M, Costa M, Traina G (Carrara, Perugia, Milano and La Spezia, Italy)
    16:16 Case of death from hypothermia in a young soccer player Pavlov VI, Odzhonikidze ZG, Volkova OS, Badtieva VA (Moscow and Vladivostok, Russia)
    16:24 Labyrinthine concussion in an American college football player Konin JG, Clancy D, Busà MF (Largo, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Milan, Italy)
    16:32 Alpine skiing neuromotor training from a physiotherapist and ski instructor prospective Mattaini J, Zanobbi M (London, United Kingdom)
    16:40 Soccer player’s common peroneal nerve entrapment due to crossing legs Sendil A, Gurgun E, Kalaycioglu T (Mersin and Ankara, Turkey)
    16:48 A rare case of double bilateral anterior cruciate ligament re-ruptures in a downhill skiing athlete Valentino L, Douryang M, Aconstantinesei Murè M, De Sario G, Masi F, D’Orsi GM, Foti C (Rome, Italy; Bamenda, Cameroon)
    16:56 Conservative treatment of anterior cruciate ligament injury in a young multi-sports athlete Douryang M, Aconstantinesei Murè M, Valentino L, De Sario G, Masi F, Giordani L, d’Orsi GM, Foti C (Bamenda, Cameroon; Rome, Italy)
    17:04 Repair of the ulnar collateral ligament of the elbow with internal brace augmentation Wilson WT, Hopper GP, Byrne PA, MacKay GM (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
    17:12 Patellar tendinopathy in young athlete: platelet-rich plasma and criteria-based rehabilitation Picchetti F, Aggio F, Parigino M, Galassi L (Bologna, Italy)
    17:20 Chronic cruralgic pain, deafferentation and neuroplastic changes: a case study Diquigiovanni A (Bologna, Italy)
    17:28 Discussion
    18:00 End of the Session


    Chairs: Hearle L (UK) - Vannini F (ITA)
    08:30 The psychology of menstruation: elite female footballer’s perceived impact on performance Towner M, Mehta R (London, United Kingdom)
    08:38 Injury statistics in women’s football and four other high-performance sports in New Zealand Scott J, Reid D, Hamilton B (Auckland, New Zealand)
    08:46 Injury prevention practices in women soccer teams in South Africa Bakare U, Olivier B, Goldwana L (Johannesburg, South Africa)
    08:54 Dose-response relationship of a neuromuscular training programme for injury prevention in female volleyball Picinini F, Fusetti D, Danelon F (Milan, Italy)
    09:02 Platelet rich plasma injection for recalcitrant quadriceps strain in elite soccer player ) Mason RA, Biller M, DeMaio E (Atlanta, USA
    09:10 Lower limb biomechanics are different in men compared to women with hip-related groin pain King MG, Heerey JJ, Schache AG, Semciw AI, Middleton KJ, Sritharan P, Lawrenson PR, Crossley KM (Victoria and Brisbane, Australia)
    09:18 Gender differences of movement quality in the Y-balance test Wilke C, Offerhaus C, Scinicarelli G, Bynoe MD, Froboese I, Feodoroff B (Cologne, Germany)
    09:26 Dynamic knee valgus in anterior cruciate ligament non-contact injury and reinjury in professional female athletes. Determinant or not? Melinte RM, Zolog D, Koszorus G, Sandru D (Targu Mures, Romania)
    09:34 Discussion
    10:00 End of the Session
  • VENUE - SUNDAY -12:00


    Chairs: Nanni G (ITA) - Tsouroudis N (GRE)
    12:00 Let’s bridge the gap and give coaches a voice. Survey of 1,012 coaches in Germany Klein C, Henke T, Luig P, Platen P (Hamburg; Bochum, Germany)
    12:08 We have the programme, but how well do youth use it? Hägglund M, Perera N (Linköping, Sweden)
    12:16 Involving research-invested clinicians in data collection affects injury incidence in youth football Wik EH, Materne O, Chamari K, Duque JDP, Horobeanu C, Salcinovic B, Bahr R, Johnson A (Doha, Qatar; Oslo, Norway)
    12:24 Prospective evaluation of injuries occurred during Brazilian football championship in 2017 Arliani GG, Netto DC, Pagura JR, Cohen M (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
    12:32 Epidemiology in German professional male football Luig P, Klein C, Henke T, Platen P (Hamburg and Bochum, Germany)
    12:40 Injury prevalence and characteristics among youth floorball players during one season Åkerlund I, Perera N, Sonesson S, Waldén M, Hägglund M (Linköping, Sweden)
    12:48 High prevalence of hip and groin problems in elite ice hockey goalkeepers over the course of one season Wörner T, Clarsen B, Thorborg K, Eek F (Lund, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark)
    12:56 What is the prevalence and relationship of hip morphology and pain in football players? Heerey JJ, Kemp JL, Agricola R, King MG, Lawrenson PR, Semciw AI, Pizzari T, Scholes M, Crossley KM (Victoria and Brisbane, Australia; Rotterdam, Netherlands)
    13:04 Evaluation and follow-up of head trauma in the football federation of Brasilia (Brazil) Neto MS, Oliveira M, Lobo P, Crema PH, Silva Costa EB, Albuquerque AC, Gonçalves AL, Ramalho GX, Barin FR, Netto DC, Souza Borges JH, Nunes P, Boitrago MV (Rio de Janeiro; and Brasilia, Brazil)
    13:12 Medial collateral ligament injuries in men’s professional football players: 130 cases from the UEFA elite club injury study Lundblad M, Hägglund M, Thomeé C, Senorski EH, Ekstrand J, Karlsson J, Waldén M (Gothenburg and Linköping, Sweden)
    13:20 Epidemiology of anterior cruciate ligament injury in Italian first division football players Grassi A, Filippini M, Macchiarola M, Lucidi GA, Stefanelli F, Della Villa F, Zaffagnini S (Bologna, Italy)
    13:28 Discussion
    13:45 End of the Session
  • VENUE - SUNDAY - 15:00


    Chairs: Ardevol Cuesta J (ESP) - Peretti G (ITA)
    15:00 Prevention in German elite team sports. A team physician survey among 165 teams Bloch H, Klein C, Luig P (Hamburg and Dortmund, Germany)
    15:08 Risk assessment of groin injuries in professional football using the new hip-raps index Werdenich C, Schwameder H (Salzburg, Austria)
    15:16 Predicting outcome after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a prospective cohort from UK sports medicine Neal B, Miller S, Goodall A, Phillips J, Small C, Lack S (London, United Kingdom)
    15:24 Efficacy of post and pre-training nordic exercise on hamstring injury prevention in soccer players ) Dorgham H, El-Sayyad M, Elerian A (Cairo, Egypt
    15:32 Motivation to play, injury prevention and risk perceptions and health problems in youth floorball Perera N, Åkerlund I, Hägglund M (Linköping, Sweden)
    15:40 The relationship between height increase and injury incidence among youth elite soccer players Oppers MJA (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
    15:48 Muscle flexibility and prevalence of Osgood-Schlatter disease in adolescent soccer players Kobayakawa A, Ono Y, Hiraiwa H, Hamada T, Ishizuka S, Yamashita S, Miyamoto K, Oba H, Kawamura Y, Sakaguchi T, Kamiya M (Nagoya and Kasugai, Japan)
    15:56 Energy drink induced impairment of blood flow in healthy adults: risks for athletes Liras IN, Liras GN, Higgins JPM (Corpus Christi and Houston, USA)
    16:04 Acute cardiovascular effects of energy drinks in healthy adults: risks for athletes Liras GN, Liras IN, Higgins JP (Corpus Christi and Houston, USA)
    16:12 Discussion
    16:30 End of the Session


    Chairs: Buckthorpe M (UK) - Susta D (IRL)
    15:00 Perceptual-motor learning of a penalty-kick in football: theoretical background and practical application Pinheiro GS (Munich, Germany)
    15:08 The preventive effect of targeted adductor training on groin pain of football players Smakal J, Jamrog N, Wojanowski B (Dortmund, Germany)
    15:16 Late activation of the vastus medialis in determining the risk of anterior cruciate ligament injury in football Marotta N, Demeco A, de Scorpio G, Indino A, Iona T, Ammendolia A (Catanzaro, Italy)
    15:24 Motor unit firing properties of vastus medialis muscle after a second anterior cruciate ligament tear Kurz E, Schwesig R, Pröger S, Laube W, Reinhardt L, Brehme K, Pyschik M, Schulze S, Delank KS, Bartels T (Halle, Germany)
    15:32 Neuromotor training to prevent recurrence of anterior cruciate ligament injuries in athletes ) De Sario G, Basile L, d’Orsi GM, Foti C (Rome, Italy
    15:40 Postural and muscular asymmetries and physical fitness performance in youth elite football players Theodorou E, Christou M, Apostolidis A, Efstathiou M, Tryfonidis M, Hadjicharalambous M (Nicosia, Cyprus)
    15:48 Influence on dynamic stability of lower limbs in correlation with specific soccer drills in young soccer players ) Mrozińska N, Plenzler M, Kwiatkowski P, Zielińska A (Warsaw, Poland
    15:56 The effect of high velocity elastic band training on muscle activity and cooperation Januševičius D, Sniečkus A, Šilinskas V, Trinkūnas E, Skurvydas A, Kamandulis S (Kaunas, Lituania)
    16:04 Effect of ankle taping on knee biomechanics during cutting and lateral jumping tasks in football players Issaragrisil P, Bualek S, Vichyanond A, Oonsombat P, Tirakanoksathit Y, Laomahamek P, Thongpak P, Yiemsiri P, Mamanee P, Sudhasaneya V, Chantarapitak P (Bangkok, Thailand)
    16:12 Does dental occlusion and temporo-mandibular joint function affect eccentric hamstring strength? Stamos T, Kakavas G, Malliaropoulos N, Chetcuti T, Jenks A (Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece; Melbourne, Australia; Honselersdijk, The Netherlands)
    16:20 Discussion
    16:30 End of the Session
  • VENUE - SUNDAY -17:00


    Chairs: Canata G (ITA) - Rajaratnam S (UK)
    17:00 Stabilisation of the ankle syndesmosis using the internal brace Harris N, Farndon M (Leeds, United Kingdom)
    17:08 Anatomical fixation for acute unstable ankle syndesmotic injury without fibular fracture Kim JS, Cha MS, Kim JW (Seoul, South Korea)
    17:16 Tendoscopic groove deepening for subluxation or stenosis of the peroneal tendons in the athletes Shimozono Y, Kennedy JG (New York, USA)
    17:24 Return to play after Achilles tendon rupture in male professional football (soccer) players Macchiarola L, Grassi A, Rossi G, D’Hooghe P, Aujla R, Romagnoli M, Mosca M, Samuelsson K, Zaffagnini S (Bologna, Italy; Doha, Qatar; Leicester, United Kingdom; Gothenburg, Sweden)
    17:32 Mesenchymal stem cells injection in hip osteoarthritis: preliminary results ) Dall'Oca C, Breda S, Elena N, Valentini R, Magnan B (Verona, Italy
    17:40 Micro-fragmented stromal-vascular fraction in symptomatic focal chondral lesions of the knee Bisicchia S, Bernardi G, Pagnotta S, Tudisco C (Rome, Italy)
    17:48 Discussion
    18:30 End of the Session


    Chairs: Susta D (IRL) - Til Perez L (POR)
    17:00 Cardiological characterization of a maturing athletic population Santos-Ferreira D, Prata A, Delgado JP, Miranda M, Beckert J (Cruz Quebrada-Oeiras and Lisbon, Portugal)
    17:08 Test-retest reliability of isometric muscle strength measurement for hip adductors and abductors Kolodziej M, Tilly S, Jaitner T (Dortmund, Germany)
    17:16 Can isokinetic testing find structural damage Herfert J, Sassmann R, Landkammer Y, Rieder F, Wicker A, Niebauer J (Salzburg, Austria)
    17:24 Share-wave elastography study of the myotendinous junction of the medial gastrocnemius: normal patterns and dynamic evaluation in professional football players Minafra P, Bortolotto C, Giagnorio R, Calliada F, Mazzoni G (Ferrara and Pavia, Italy)
    17:32 Nordic curl hamstring activation indicates presence of injury history Blandford L, Mahaffey R (Bristol and Twickenham, United Kingdom)
    17:40 Iso-inertial training programme to reduce asymmetries in young football players Madruga-Parera M, Bishop C, Moreno V, Beato B, Romero-Rodríguez D (Girona and Alicante, Spain; London and Ipswich, United Kingdom)
    17:48 Return to play after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: biomechanical differences during triple hop for distance Kotsifaki A, Sideris V, Graham-Smith P, Korakakis V, Whiteley R (Doha, Qatar)
    17:56 Non-uniform muscle and tendon adaptation due to habitual loading in elite athletes? Epro G, König M, James D, Hunter S, Schade F, Karamanidis K (London, United Kingdom; Cologne, Germany)
    18:04 Altered running mechanics relate to kinesiophobia in runners with Achilles tendinopathy Corrigan P, Silbernagel KG (Newark, USA)
    18:12 Back foot influence on the weight bearing lunge measurement for ankle dorsiflexion Cady K (Gloucester, United Kingdom)
    18:20 Discussion
    18:30 End of the Session
  • BOX - MONDAY - 09:00


    Chairs: Buckthorpe M (UK) - Hewett T(USA)
    09:00 Effect of weather and time of day on monitoring workload via wearable GPS devices in sport Raizaday S, Scobie N (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
    09:08 Using practitioner knowledge to assess global positioning system validity for measuring peak velocity Kyprianou E, Lolli L, Al Haddad H, Di Salvo V, Varley MC, Mendez Villanueva A, Gregson W, Weston M (Doha, Qatar; Liverpool and Middlesbrough, United Kingdom; Rome, Italy; Melbourne, Australia)
    09:16 The complex relationship between external training load and time-loss groin injury risk Mosler AB, Carey DL, Thorborg K, Weir A, Eirale C, van Dyk N, Hӧlmich P, Whiteley RJ, Gabbett TJ, Crossley KM (Victoria, Australia; Doha, Qatar; Copenhagen Denmark; Rotterdam Haarlem, The Netherlands; Brisbane and Ipswich, Australia)
    09:24 Internal and external match load in elite soccer players Kalapotharakos VI, Darras Ch, Tokmakidis SP (Komotini and Nea Smyrnī, Greece)
    09:32 Training load management: effects on injury prevalence in high level rugby center Paulus J, Laly A, Guns S, Kaux JF (Liège, Belgium)
    09:40 Effect of ankle isokinetic strengthening programs on sedentary male: a one-year follow-up study Kalaycioglu T, Yurt Y, Bayrakci Tunay V (Mersin and Ankara, Turkey)
    09:48 Blood Flow Restriction training vs conventional resistance training: impact on strength in soccer players Korkmaz E, Donmez G, Uzuner K (Ankara and Eskisehir, Turkey)
    09:56 How fatigue of a 90 minutes football match affects hamstring flexibility? Kakavas G, Maliaropoulos N, Kaliakmanis A, Roussis S, Piskopakis Α, Konstantakis X, Tzoanos G (Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece)
    10:04 Pre-competition changes to sleep in elite female athletes Ari M, Patel S, Emegbo S (Liverpool and Manchester, United Kingdom)
    10:12 Discussion
    10:30 End of the Session


    Chairs: Boldrini L (ITA) - Tamisari A (ITA)
    13:30 PA01 Prevalence of drop jump dynamic valgus knee in peri-pubertal female volleyball players Fusetti D, Penza M, Danelon F (Milan, Italy)
    13:30 PA02 Interrelationship among dorsiflexion, dynamic balance and agility on football players Silva VC, Fonseca T, Machado F, Pedroso I, Santos T, Oliveira M, Sousa Neto IV, Barin F, Lobo P (Brasilia, Brazil)
    13:30 PA03 Competition effects on the ankle dorsiflexion rom in professional football players Moreno-Pérez V, Madruga-Parera M, Beato M, Romero-Rodriguez D (Alicante, and Girona, Spain; Ipswich, United Kingdom)
    13:30 PA04 Reliability of physiotherapists in assessing the risk of knee injury during a drop vertical jump Michopoulos Michas K, Rushton A (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
    13:30 PA05 Neuromuscular characteristics from young soccer players, implications on injury prevention Llurda Almuzara L, Pérez-Bellmunt A, Lopez-de Celis C, Peillon O, Navarro R, Ortiz S, Álvarez Díaz P (Barcelona, Spain)
    13:30 PA06 Preseason assessment of anaerobic performance in elite soccer: isokinetic versus functional tests Kaux JF, Delvaux F, Schwartz C, Rodriguez C, Forthomme B, Croisier JL (Liege, Belgium)
    13:30 PA07 Can global running gait and psychological status affect performance and injury of sports men: views from a 10 kilometers road race Edet LI, Akodu AA, Okafor UAC (Anua and Idi-Araba, Nigeria)
    13:30 PA08 Determination of the difference of peak torque between professional male and female soccer Charneco Salguero G, Brígido Fernández I, Fernández Rosa L, Pérez Gosalvez A, García-Muro San José F (Madrid, Spain)
    13:30 PA09 Evaluation and treatment of proprioceptive deficit in patients with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Marzolla A, Santacaterina F, Ernesti F, Bravi M, Lopresti E, Morrone M, Maselli M, Miccinilli S, Bressi F, Sterzi S (Rome, Italy)
    13:30 PA10 Impact characteristics of a novel ball developed to train heading technique in soccer Hobson ZR, Vairo G, Piazza SJ, Gloyer KL, Millard RL, Sebastianelli WJ (University Park, USA)


    Chairs: Ayala-Meijas J (ESP) - De Carli A (ITA)
    13:30 PC01 Return to sport after un-displaced tibial plateau fracture in an amateur alpine skier ) Aconstantinesei Murè M, Valentino L, Ziantoni E, Douryang M, De Sario G, Masi F, Zborowski P, d’Orsi GM, Ljoka C, Foti C (Rome, Italy; Cameroon, Cameroon
    13:30 PC02 Combined high power laser, percutaneous electrolysis and exercises for treating patellar tendinopathy Salvador-Coloma P, Biviá-Roig G, Ferrer-Sargues FJ, Ortega-Santana B, Barabas SP (Valencia, Spain; London and Whitchurch, United Kingdom)
    13:30 PC03 Return to sport after patellar tendon rupture in a judo athlete Orlando A, De Sario G, Bonacci C, d’Orsi GM, Gimigliano R (Roma and Napoli, Italy)
    13:30 PC04 Three cases of football players with isolated anterior horn tear of the medial meniscus Onishi S, Shinya O, Ebara Y, Matsumoto A, Yamaguchi M, Shinichi Y (Hyogo, Japan)
    13:30 PC05 Refixation of anterior cruciate ligament of 13 years old football player Bochev B, Vassilev I, Lashkov D, Filipov N (Sofia, Bulgaria)
    13:30 PC06 Failure after single-stage synthetic multi-ligament reconstruction for acute knee dislocation ) Marcheggiani Muccioli GM, Roberti di Sarsina T, Alesi D, Lullini G, Rinaldi VG, Cammisa E, Zaffagnini S (Bologna, Italy
    13:30 PC07 How a good communication plays a crucial role in avoiding recurrent injuries Padovani F (Ravenna, Italy)
    13:30 PC08 Doing rehabilitation with your head Mezzasalma F, Azzini M, Baroli M, Ventresca I, Brotto E (Verona, Italy)
    13:30 PC09 GPS technology in a case of anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation in an elite rugby player Galassi L, Parigino M, Tamisari A (Bologna, Italy)
    13:30 PC10 Return to recreational futsal after anterior cruciate ligament graft tear: a conservative case report Yap YJ (Singapore)
    13:30 PC11 Conservative recovery after anterior cruciate ligament injury in a female field hockey player García JP, Giovannetti C, Ravier D (Mendoza, Argentina)
    13:30 PC12 Learning from equestrian vaulting: conservative and targeted rehabilitation after knee injury Invidiato L, Montanari S, Tsapralis K, Della Villa F (Bologna, Italy)


    Chairs: Roi GS (ITA) - Susta D (IRL)
    13:30 PF01 Anthropometric parameters of professional football players in Bulgaria Gruev I, Bochev B, Makaveev O (Sofia, Bulgaria)
    13:30 PF02 Dermatoglyphics profile of professional soccer referees Abade CW, Campos MVA, Miguel H, Heberle A, Jesus JA, Nodari Júnior RJ (São Paulo and Santa Catarina, Brazil)
    13:30 PF03 Dermatoglyphics: features observed in soccer high performance athletes by field position Nodari Júnior RJ, Jesus JA, Souza R, Zanoni EM, Pedrozo SC, Neves RJ, Paes MS, Heberle A, Baretta E, Laux RC (Santa Catarina and São Paulo, Brazil)
    13:30 PF04 Isokinetic, functional assessment, return to sport after anterior cruciate ligament repair Guerrier B, El-Hariri B, Klouche S, Lefevre N, Herman S, Raoul T, Gerometta A, Bohu Y (Paris, France)
    13:30 PF05 Monitoring the return to play process with GPS technology in elite football players Buckthorpe M, Prandelli N, Pasquali S, Nanni G, Della Villa F (Bologna, Italy)
    13:30 PF06 Can preseason core stability predict injury in elite ice hockey players? Naidu D, Rajabali Z (Edmonton, Canada)
    13:30 PF07 Diacutaneous fibrolysis improves strength in elite soccer players Serrano I, Grishin M, Pleshkov P, Aiguadé R, Labata N, Moure L, Esteban E, Llurda L (San Petesburg, Russia; Lleida, Barcelona, Spain; Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
    13:30 PF08 New GWAS-identified variants associated with risk of tendon injuries in elite team sports athletes Rodas G, Osaba L, Arteta D, Pruna R, Fernández D, Lucia A (Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid, Spain)
    13:30 PF09 Towards the monitoring the internal load in men and women football players by urine metabolomics Quintas G, Rodas G, Reche X, Valle X, Ferrer E, Masa M 2 (Barcelona and Terrassa, Spain), Matteo Azzini (Verona, Italy)


    Chairs: d’Orsi G (ITA) - Praticò S (ITA)
    13:30 PH01 Early return to play after double side-locking loop suture technique for acute Achilles tendon rupture Morio F, Morimoto S, Yoshiya S (Hyogo, Japan)
    13:30 PH02 Return to play after operative treatment for the lateral process fracture of the talus Morimoto S, Yoshiya S (Hyogo, Japan)
    13:30 PH03 Use of extracorporeal shock wave therapy in delayed union of the metacarpal bone fracture with infection Yugami M, Odagiri H, Ushijima F, Kono Y, Kai K, Nakamura E (Kumamoto, Japan)
    13:30 PH04 Talocalcaneal coalition and tarsal tunnel syndrome in amateur football players Cha MS, Kim JS, Song HH, Kim JB, Lee SY (Seoul, South Korea)
    13:30 PH05 Arthroscopic partial sesamoidectomy for hallux sesamoid disorder Senga Y, Nishimura A, Nakazora S, Kato K, Sudo A (Mie, Japan)
    13:30 PH06 A young football player’s acute right lower quadrant pain Ishizuka K, Oshiro T (Okinawa, Japan)
    13:30 PH07 Return to motorbike competitions after a second clavicle fracture Zerbinati A, Danelon F (Milan, Italy)
    13:30 PH08 Role of the ribs in treatment of shoulder pain in an elite swimmer Spagnoletti V, De Sario G (Bisceglie and Rome, Italy)
    13:30 PH09 A case of anterior dislocation of the hip joint during a soccer game Tsukasaki Y, Kinoshita D, Onuma Y (Yamagata, Japan)
    13:30 PH10 Rehabilitation of a recurrence of muscular lesion of the left biceps femoris Mitola L, Ardenghi A, Pisoni D, Barale F, Busà M, Comi S (Pisa and Milan, Italy)
    13:30 PH11 A 5-year follow-up after iliacus muscle rupture in an adolescent basketball player Koovit T, Luik M, Koovit I, Rahu M, Kartus JT, Rips L (Tartu, Estonia)
    13:30 PH12 Tibialis anterior herniation: a rare clinical entity Masoumi A, Hakakzadeh A (Vancouver, Canada; Tehran, Iran)

    CASE REPORTS from the Contest

    Chairs: Azzini M (ITA), Broman D (UK)
    13:30 PK01 Inferior pubic ligament injury. An unknown cause of athletic pubalgia Mathieu TJG, Gielen JL, Vyncke G, Stassijns G (Antwerp and Edegem, Belgium)
    13:30 PK02 Effect of multidisciplinary treatment on radicular low back pain: a case report Hakakzadeh A, Shariat A (Tehran, Iran)
    13:30 PK03 ‘Whats going on in my head?’ A case report on a psychiatric assessment of depression and head injury in football Mccabe TE (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
    13:30 PK04 How innovative solutions facilitate quick and successful return to play after a multi-fracture in a professional speed skater Mrozinska N, Drwiega M (Warsaw, Poland)
    13:30 PK05 National team soccer player with acute case of mononucleosis at training camp Berry RR, Pombo MW (Atlanta, USA)
    13:30 PK06 Return to play in a soccer player with stroke after supplement use Olufade O, Sirutis B, Bhatia N (Atlanta, USA)
    13:30 PK09 Rehabilitation protocol after anterior cruciate reconstruction in a professional soccer player Fernandes PG, Amaro D, Antunes R (Lisbon, Portugal)


    Chairs: Madonna V (ITA) - Quaglia F (ITA)
    13:30 PB01 Return to sports proceedings of the international consensus meeting on ankle cartilage repair D’Hooghe P, Murawski C, Van Dijk N, Cruz F (Doha, Qatar)
    13:30 PB02 Using platelet-rich plasma in treating muscular injuries in professional football players Bezuglov E, Khaitin V, Tokareva A (Moscow and Saint-Petersburg Russia)
    13:30 PB03 Minimally-invasive surgical repair for Achilles tendon total ruptures under endoscopic control in high-function-demand patients Corso L, Marinato L, Mela F, Picece C, Geraci A (Pordenone, Italy)
    13:30 PB04 Return to play after acute isolated unstable syndesmosis lesion in professional footballers Cruz F, Alkhelaifi K, D’Hooghe P (Doha, Qatar)
    13:30 PB06 Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using non-metal fixed devices for a footballer with metal hypersensitivity Kinugasa T, Yamanashi Y, Ishii T, Sato Y, Watanabe A, Ikeda K (Tsukuba City, Japan)
    13:30 PB07 Knee flexors strength tests after 12-24 months from anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction by hamstring graft Grazzini G, Zuppardo S, Santini L, Bisozzi M, Pagano M, Guerrini L, Velluti D, Merlo F, Martelli G (Grosseto and Siena, Italy)
    13:30 PB08 Magnetic resonance imaging outcomes in former professional athletes 20 years after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Rips L, Koovit T, Luik M, Rahu M, Kartus JT, Kumm J (Tartu, Estonia)
    13:30 PB09 Return to sport after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in Japanese professional soccer players Suzuki N, Kanto R, Nakayama H, Yoshiya S (Hyogo, Japan)
    13:30 PB10 Subjective and objective outcomes of former professional athletes 20 years after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Luik M, Rips L, Koovit T, Rahu M, Kartus JT, Kumm J (Tartu, Estonia)
    13:30 PB05 Reconstruction of Achilles tendon rupture with neoligament: artificial synthetic ligament, in an active athlete patient Luna-Pizarro D, Meraz-Lares G (Mexico City, Mexico)


    Chairs: Brotto E (ITA) - Danelon F (ITA)
    13:30 PE01 Epidemiology of female Japanese collegiate football team injuries for five years Oda K, Murakami K, Yamaguchi T, Takahashi Y, Kurosawa T, Miyakawa S (Sendai, Tokyo and Tsukuba, Japan)
    13:30 PE02 Epidemiological study of injuries in Jiu-Jitsu athletes from Brasilia Nunes P, Oliveira M, Assis FN, Vieira Machado KS, Souza LR, Boitrago MV, Gonçalves AL, Xavier GX, Barin FR, Amorim MF, Alves Morais AP, Vieira KMS, Neto MS, Souza Borges JH, Lobo P, Crema PH, Melo M (Brasilia, Brazil)
    13:30 PE03 Traumatic and overuse injuries in female artistic and rhythmic national team Conforti M (Bergamo, Italy)
    13:30 PE04 Epidemiology of anterior cruciate ligament injuries in the Russian football premier league in 2017-2018 Khaitin V, Bezuglov E, Tokareva A, Lipina M, Goncharov E, Achkasov E (Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, Russia)
    13:30 PE05 Incidence of injuries in professional soccer players: a mappingfoot study Drummond FA, Soares DS, Entrudo D, Pinheiro HCS, Younes SD, Neves VN, Medeiros J, Roza PR, Pacheco I (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
    13:30 PE06 Monitoring of the season of the game relationship and the prevalence of injury in young Brazilian soccer players: a proposal for clubs with low budget ) Herdy C, Simão, Tannure M, Selfe J, Pedrinelli A (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil; Manchester, United Kingdom)
    13:30 PE07 Sport-related concussion knowledge: what can we learn from Rugby Union? Menon G, Tizzard J, Skan O, David E (Oxford, United Kingdom)


    Chairs: Frizziero A (ITA) - Respizzi S (ITA)
    13:30 PG01 Post-concussion syndrome disorders in amateur athlete’s management and appropriate approach Syrmos NCh, Mylonas A, Gavridakis G (Crete, Greece)
    13:30 PG02 Return to sport after surgery for shoulder instability through a sport specific rehabilitation method Basaglia N, Maso A, Danelon F (Milan, Italy)
    13:30 PG03 Treating subtotal adductor longus muscle damage in professional sportspeople Tokareva A, Bezuglov E, Khaitin V, Lipina M, Goncharov E, Achkasov E (Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Tokareva A, Bezuglov E, Khaitin V, Lipina M, Goncharov E, Achkasov E (Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    13:30 PG04 Influence of a hamstring eccentric training on strength and flexibility: a randomised controlled trial Delvaux F, Schwartz C, Decréquy T, Devalckeneer T, Paulus J, Bornheim S, Ferré A, Kaux JF, Croisier JL (Liege, Belgium)
    13:30 PG05 Eccentric hamstring strength would not recover sufficiently after hamstring strain injury Akiyoshi N, Kobayashi Y, Yamashita T, Saita Y (Chiba, Japan)
    13:30 PG06 Neurodynamic exercises to enhance the outcomes of the FIFA 11+ programme in preventing injuries of lower limbs, in youth non-professional football Besozzi L (Lugano, Switzerland)
    13:30 PG07 Cetilated fatty acids improves pubalgia symptoms in roller hockey players Tarantino G, Pera E, Brilli E, Maggi E, Lucchinelli R, Chiappino D, Costa D, Venturini V, Farnocchia R, Calissi S, Pampaloni E (Pisa, Massa and Lucca, Italy)
    13:30 PG08 Discal hernia treatment and disc regeneration using Caripain Paskaleva S, Vassilev I, Lashkov D, Filipov N (Sofia, Bulgaria)
    13:30 PG09 Home based exercise training for improvement of neck, shoulder and lower back discomforts among female football players Hakakzadeh Azadeh, Seif Barghi Tohid, Shahab Alireza, Shariat Ardalan (Tehran, Iran)
    13:30 PG10 Effects of fibrolysis diacutaneous technique on trunk strength Esteban E, Chomier P, Ghrairi M, Loney T, Aiguadé R, Serrano I, Labata N, Llurda L (Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Lleida, Spain; San Petesburg, Russia; Barcelona, Spain)
    13:30 PG11 Effect of cold-water immersion to perceived recovery of women’s football players during a 10-day tournament Yung KKY, Yung PSH (Hong Kong, China)


    Chairs: Jones C (UK) - Zunarelli PP (ITA)
    13:30 PM01 Mysterious hemorrhage in a young goalkeeper Salvi GP, Simonini M, Ancona E, Quarenghi A (San Pellegrino Terme, Italy)
    13:30 PM02 Renal trauma in a professional football player Enomoto Y, Morooka T, Kanto R, Yoshiya S, Tanaka J (Hyogo, Japan)
    13:30 PM03 Mild hemophilia in a competitive high school soccer player Reed JC, Cohen JA, O’Boyle ST, Tew BJ, Gleason CN (Atlanta, USA)
    13:30 PM04 Functional outcomes in a 12 years old basketball player with hemophilia a Parigino M, Servadei MA, Valdré L, Piscitelli L (Bologna, Italy)
    13:30 PM05 Psoriatic arthritis in a young football player Miceli M, Monetti F, Zunarelli P, Sisca G, Olimpi D, Cedrini F, Milani S, Farinelli A (Bologna, Italy)
    13:30 PM06 From which operators the injured soccer players perceived to receive social support? Vitali F, Bressan L, Isalberti M, Roi GS (Verona and Bologna, Italy)
    13:30 PM07 The role of positive emotions in young injured athletes and their families Rera E (Thessaloniki, Greece)
    13:30 PM08 Analysis of the dietary profile of athletes by sports modality Crema PH, Amorim MF, Pessina AM, Ferreira GL, Veloso FW, Oliveira M, Nunes P, Boitrago MV, Barin FR, Neto MS, Souza Borges JH, Lobo P (Brasilia, Brazil)
    13:30 PM09 Nutrition education in young soccer players, implications on recovery and performance ) Toran J, Llurda L, Barcons C (Barcelona, Spain
    13:30 PM10 Supplementation with sucrosomial iron and folic acid reducing Interleukin-6 levels in healthy trained athletes Brilli E, Bongiovanni T, Pasta G, Tarantino G (Pisa and Parma, Italy)

    CASE REPORTS from the Contest

    Chairs: Grabowski R (POL), Tsapralis K (ITA)
    13:30 PL01 Isolated acute posterior tibialis tendon dislocation, a rare injury in football Yanez-Siller FA, Baggio L, Vilaro J (Barcelona, Spain)
    13:30 PL02 Meniscal and multiligamentary tears in a professional extreme motorbiker Guillen-Vicente l, Guillen-Vicente M, Guillen-García P (Madrid, Spain)
    13:30 PL03 Customised ligament repair with internal bracing in an elite golfer: a multidisciplinary template for sport Hopper GP, Wilson WT, Miller R, Mackay GM (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
    13:30 PL04 A case of surgically treated septic arthritis of the pubic symphysis in football player Fukui T, Niikuta T, Oe K, Matsushita T, Araki D, Kuroda R (Kobe, Japan)
    13:30 PL06 Dynamic ultrasound manoeuvre in anterior ankle impingement Piangcharoen N (Sheffield, United Kingdom)
    13:30 PL07 Open tibia fracture in American Football and the return to soccer in a collegiate goalkeeper McCarthy TP, Pombo MW (Atlanta, USA)
    13:30 PL08 Closing wedge tibial osteotomy and meniscal transplant in a 45-year athlete with osteoarthritic knee Perdisa F, Di Martino A, Filardo G (Bologna, Italy)
    13:30 PL09 Unstable lateral femoral condyle osteochondritis dissecans in elite athlete Gordon ER, Pombo MW, Labib SA (Atlanta, USA)
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