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XXIX Isokinetic Conference

We are proud to announce that the 29th Isokinetic Medical Group Conference will be held at the Lyon Convention Centre, on the 24th - 26th October 2020 and the title will be "Football Medicine The Players' voices". 

The Conference concept:
1. The medical community is used to listening to itself
2. It's time to listen to our player's voices
3. Come together to discuss what's important to all players

The Conference Partners

Isokinetic is an international Sports Medicine Group dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, care and rehabilitation of orthopaedic and sport injuries. The Group is composed of 8 centres and culturally co-ordinated by its Education and Research Department. The Conference mission is to inspire the international Sports Medicine community, through Culture, Image, Atmosphere and Organisation, to give their best to improve the health of the world.

49 clinics across the world are part of the FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence network. FIFA accredits established centres that have demonstrated their leadership in football medicine. In these Centres you can find a team of renowned specialists from different fields, working together to protect health and wellbeing of players and patients.

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