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Scientific Programme

This year's Scientific Programme has been so challenging: we opened our minds to the world of sports and try to get the best for you!
We decided not to focus just on Football Medicine but tried to study it from different perspectives!
We really hope you enjoy it and we are looking forward to seeing you in London.
  • Official Welcome

    Chairs: Davison M (UK)
    09:00 Official Welcome Bahr R (NOR), Della Villa S (ITA), D'Hooghe M (BEL), Fulcher M (NZL)
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Inspiring stories of world class athlete recoveries

    Chairs: Della Villa S (ITA) - D'Hooghe M (BEL)
    09:15 How to manage a muscle re-injury during the season in professional basketball player Rodas G (ESP)
    09:30 Showing leadership during rehab: a captain’s return from injury Gallagher P (NZL)
    09:45 Olympic ski five months after ACL repair Sonnery-Cottet B (FRA)
    10:00 The Win Within... Mend it like Beckham Mandelbaum B (USA)
    10:15 The sport doesn’t matter, your approach does Knowles B (USA)
    10:30 Discussion
    11:00 Coffee Break
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Learning from the World of Basketball

    Chairs: Serratosa L (ESP) - Zaslav K (USA)
    11:30 Turning information into intelligence in Athlete Care Medina D (USA)
    11:45 From British Basketball to Tottenham Hotspurs: ideas to improve the player care model Fisher P (UK)
    12:00 One year on.. Lessons to take from the NBA back to football Gelis L (USA)
    12:15 Managing the basketballer's tendon health Barr A (USA)
    12:30 Post exercise recovery strategies for basketball Terrados N (ESP)
    12:45 Discussion
    13:00 Lunch Break
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Learning from Running

    Chairs: Calder J (UK) - Jones H (POR)
    14:30 From track and field to football English B (UK)
    14:45 Muscle injuries in sprinters and football players Ueblacker P (GER)
    15:00 Evaluation and treatment of patello-femoral pain in runners Powers C (USA)
    15:15 Exercise related leg pain: is it all in technique? Franklyn-Miller A (IRL)
    15:30 The injured triathlete Erggelet C (SUI)
    15:45 Discussion
    16:00 Break
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Learning from Rugby and American Football

    Chairs: Edwards T (NZL) - Marcacci M (ITA)
    16:30 They Also Call it Football (but just about everything else is different) Reider B (USA)
    16:45 Individualized anatomic ACL reconstruction in American football and soccer Fu F (USA)
    17:00 Musculotendinous injuries around the pelvis: new mechanisms and new paradigms Haddad F (UK)
    17:15 "We are our brains” - approaches to managing concussion in the real world Kemp Simon (UK)
    17:30 Approaches to reducing injuries in rugby union: tackling safety with science Stokes K (UK)
    17:45 Discussion
    18:00 End of the day
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    News from the UEFA Champions League Study

    Chairs: Denti M (ITA) - Forssblad M (SWE)
    11:30 Preseason preparation taking influence from rugby Ekstrand J (QAT)
    11:45 Update on ACL injuries in the UEFA injury study and lessons learned from professional handball Walden M (SWE)
    12:00 A concussion increased the risk of any football injury up to a year. Similar experience in other sports? Nordstrom A (SWE)
    12:15 Which measurements of load can help us predict future injuries in football? Experience from other sports McCall A (UK)
    12:30 Organizational design considerations to prevent injuries: case studies across football and other sports Davison M (UK)
    12:45 Discussion
    13:00 Lunch Break
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Preventing infective illness in the elite athlete

    Chairs: Pedrinelli A (BRA) - Theos C (GRE)
    14:30 Introduction of the session Bahr R (NOR)
    14:40 Infections in athletes - How big is the risk? Clarsen B (NOR)
    14:55 Upper respiratory tract infections - What is the best practice for making return to play decisions? Schwellnus M (RSA)
    15:15 Pre-travel preparation and approach to medical issues during travel: What the team physician should do? Derman W (RSA)
    15:30 Preventing illness in your team - how do you do it? Schumacher Y (QAT)
    15:45 Discussion
    16:00 Break
  • SAT 27th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Injury prevention and management in women's sport

    Chairs: Ardern C (SWE) - Bizzini M (SUI)
    16:30 Are women really all that different from men when it comes to sports injuries? Geertsema C (QAT)
    16:45 Legacy of Title IX - injury epidemiology and the changing landscape of women’s participation in sport Snyder-Mackler L (USA)
    17:00 How to help the pregnant athlete stay healthy and perform at her best Sundgot-Borgen J (NOR)
    17:15 The athlete’s perspective - what it takes to reach the top in women’s sport Smith R (UK)
    17:30 Sex and gender differences in sport - implications for ensuring athletes are happy and healthy Ackerman K (USA)
    17:45 Discussion
    18:00 End of the day
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Groin pain is not only a football problem

    Chairs: Batty P (UK) - Fearn J (UK)
    08:30 The importance of history and examination in the diagnosis of hip and groin pain whatever the sport Holmich P (DEN)
    08:45 Groin injuries in youth runners Andersen TE (NOR)
    09:00 Lessons from Rugby League and Gaelic Football in the management of hip and groin pain Fevre D (UK)
    09:15 Management of ballet dancers with hip and groin pain Lindsey S (UK)
    09:30 Do athletes from different sports require different treatment from the football model to return to their sport?  Griffin D (UK)
    09:45 Discussion
    10:00 End of the session
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Knee injuries: conservative and surgical approach in different sports

    Chairs: Dejour D (FRA) - Zaffagnini S (ITA)
    10:00 Knee ligament lesions in athletes: conservative and surgical options Cugat R (ESP)
    10:15 Multiligament injuries in elite sports Williams A (UK)
    10:30 Global rotation in ACL lesions in different sports Espregueira-Mendes J (POR)
    10:45 Knee injuries: does the secret lie in optimising neuromuscular function? Tencone F (ITA)
    11:00 The place of mesenchymal stem cell-based treatment in the sports knee De Girolamo L (ITA)
    11:15 Discussion
    11:30 Coffee Break
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    ACL: Return to play and re-injury prevention in high impact sports

    Chairs: Cohen M (BRA) - Zorzi C (ITA)
    12:00 Comparison of return to play, performance and reinjury rates amongst different pivoting sports after ACLr Webster K (AUS)
    12:15 ACL injuries in young athletes: just fixing is not enough Seil R (LUX)
    12:30 Waiting more time versus using more time to fulfill necessary criteria. Is it the solution? Della Villa F (ITA)
    12:45 Comparison of injury incidence and mechanisms between landing and pivoting sports Hewett T (USA)
    13:00 Psychological factors germane to return to play following ACL reconstruction Williams R (USA)
    13:15 Discussion
    13:30 Lunch Break
  • SUN28th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Muscle injury challenges: advances in prevention and treatment

    Chairs: Cowie C (UK) - Khan K (CAN)
    15:00 The nightmare of the recurring calf muscle ‘strain’ Glasgow P (IRL)
    15:15 How to manage training load to prevent muscle injuries: lessons from beyond football Møller M (DEN)
    15:30 Managing the intramuscular hamstring tendon tear Taberner M (UK)
    15:45 How football can learn from track and field athletics to manage muscle injury Pollock N (UK)
    16:00 Are all our efforts working? What is the trend in the burden of football muscle injuries? Hagglund M (SWE)
    16:15 Discussion
    16:30 Break
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - GREAT HALL

    Making tendons great again: exercise and regenerative medicine in various sports

    Chairs: Alfredson H (SWE) - Karlsson J (SWE)
    17:00 Update from the International Scientific Tendon Symposium (ISTS) Zwerver H (NED)
    17:15 Achilles tendinopathy: how to assess progress toward return to sports Silbernagel K (USA)
    17:30 Platelet-rich plasma injections for the treatment of patellar tendinopathy Filardo G (ITA)
    17:45 Poetry in motion. Lessons for football. Tendon rehabilitation/management from a dance perspective Clark R (UK)
    18:00 Why injections didn’t work in 2010 and they won’t in 2020 Vicenzino B (AUS)
    18:15 Discussion
    18:30 End of the day
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Learning from Volleyball and Handball

    Chairs: Bahr R (NOR), Berruto M (ITA)
    08:30 Introduction of the session Bahr R (NOR)
    08:35 Loads of jumping, loads of knee complaints - A look at loading in volleyball Skazalski C (QAT)
    08:50 Load and shoulder problems in handball Møller M (DEN)
    09:05 Handball injuries - definitely more than just a throwing sport! Laver L (UK)
    09:20 There's no such thing as a simple ankle sprain in volleyball D'Hooghe P (QAT)
    09:35 Knee injuries in volleyball Neyret P (FRA)
    09:50 Discussion
    10:00 End of the Session
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Learning from Cycling and Motor Sports

    Chairs: Rosa D (ITA) - Sas K (BEL)
    10:00 Tour de France: the ultimate sport medicine challenge Menetrey J (SUI)
    10:15 Motocross: is it a safe family sport? Gobbi A (ITA)
    10:30 Multidisciplinary approach to medical assistance in motorcycle racing Zasa M (ITA)
    10:45 Getting on the bike for rehab Hambly K (UK)
    11:00 Cross over from cycling medicine to football medicine Bombeke D (BEL)
    11:15 Discussion
    11:30 Coffee Break
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Learning from Tennis and Golf

    Chairs: Ball S (UK) - Spalding T (UK)
    12:00 The shoulder in tennis and overhead athletes Milano G (ITA)
    12:15 When tennis leg is not tennis leg Maffulli N (ITA)
    12:30 The shoulder between victim and culprit Di Giacomo G (ITA)
    12:45 Can you play golf with degenerative spine? Dvorak J (SUI)
    13:00 The sporting spine: lessons from elite tennis players and golfers Fahy D (UK)
    13:15 Discussion
    13:30 Lunch Break
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Learning from Skiing

    Chairs: Papalia R (ITA) - Sweetnam D (UK)
    15:00 Alpine skiing injuries prevention Mueller E (AUT)
    15:15 Managing skiing injuries Schneider C (GER)
    15:30 Conservative and surgical solutions in cartilage knee skiing lesions Kon E (ITA)
    15:45 How do skiers avoid multiligament injuries and how to prevent recurrence? Any crossover to football? Engebretsen L (NOR)
    16:00 On the slope again: progression for end-stage rehab in winter sports Marconato A (UK)
    16:15 Discussion
    16:30 Break
  • SUN 28th APRIL 2019 - ATRIUM

    Learning from Cricket and Baseball

    Chairs: Axe M (USA) - Stride M (UK)
    17:00 What football can learn from cricket Peirce N (UK)
    17:15 Lumbar bone stress injury, MRI bone marrow edema and cricket workload Beakley D (AUS)
    17:30 What football can learn from baseball Whiteley R (QAT)
    17:45 Overhead throwing injuries and workload: is there a missing factor? Zaremski J (USA)
    18:00 Cricket and baseball - flirting with danger Brukner P (AUS)
    18:15 Discussion
    18:30 End of the day
  • MON 29th April 2019 - Great Hall

    Managing the High Performance Environment

    Chairs: Beasley I (UK) - Gregson W (QAT)
    08:30 Team Sky's dashboard and approach to high performance Brailsford D (UK)
    08:45 Leading organisational and athlete buy-in to a performance culture Hennessy J (USA)
    09:00 Creating player buy-in to data and High Performance culture Winkleman N (IRL)
    09:15 Aussie Rules - still 10 years ahead in Performance Management? Burgess D (UK)
    09:30 5 NBA championships: keys to a winning culture Buford RC (USA)
    09:45 Discussion
    10:00 End of the Session
  • MON 29th April 2019 - Great Hall

    Load management: common principles vs sport-specificity

    Chairs: Kemp Steve (UK) - Milsom J (UK)
    10:00 The lair of load management theory: australian football codes Gabbett T (AUS)
    10:15 How to get the most of monitoring data: the rugby union experience West S (UK)
    10:30 Lessons from the World Cup, using principles from other sports Cavanagh B (UK)
    10:45 Managing the load over the hectic NBA season Golich D (USA)
    11:00 Discussion
    11:30 Coffee Break
  • MON 29th April 2019 - Great Hall

    Sport specific rehabilitation: targeting the last phase of recovery

    Chairs: Eirale C (FRA) - Krutsch W (GER)
    12:00 ‘The prepare to train’ stage after long-term injury in elite football players Buckthorpe M (UK)
    12:15 On Parquet Rehabilitation for the Basketball players: role for progression Arundale A (USA)
    12:30 Individual re-conditioning in top athletes Requena B (ESP)
    12:45 Head and neck sports injuries: prevention and rehabilitation Perry A (UK)
    13:00 American weekend warriors: return to play Osbahr D (USA)
    13:15 Discussion
    13:30 Lunch Break
  • MON 29th April 2019 - Great Hall

    Nutrition for athletic development and performance

    Chairs: Roberts C (UK), Whyte G (UK)
    14:30 What can football learn from the "Odd Balls" when it comes to sport nutrition Close G (UK)
    14:45 Don’t fight the scales! Lessons from GB boxing and Anthony Joshua Ellison M (UK)
    15:00 Nutrition in cycling: every gram counts! Morton J (UK)
    15:15 Body composition periodisation in Olympic level runners Stellingwerff T (CAN)
    15:30 The Whip or the Carrot? Creating a cultural shift and behaviour change in jockey nutrition: potential lessons for football Martin D (UK)
    15:45 Discussion
    16:00 End of the Conference
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